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Weight gain 

Weight gain

Mass gain is an essential period in the construction of a voluminous and powerful physique. It is often the only solution to progress in strength and therefore concerns not only the followers of the musculation , but also the sportsmen using muscular force (sprint, fight, football, rugby, tennis, raids, ultra ...).

Some nutritional supplements optimize and accelerate muscle development while naturally limiting fat intake. Mass intake involves various metabolisms and functions of the body: hormonal metabolism, which regulates muscle growth; Circulatory system, which supplies the muscles with builder and energy elements; Energy production by cells and storage of reserve fat ... The body must first of all have all the nutrients it needs to function well and carry out all these operations. But the latter can also be stimulated or oriented with plants and other natural substances, in response to the objectives and morphology of each. Nutritional boosters performance supplements are particularly useful for ectomorphs, which usually have difficulty gaining mass, or endomorphic, in order to limit the storage of fat.

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