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The high protein diet is undoubtedly one of the most famous diets. Based on the significant absorption of protein , it allows you to quickly lose fat while maintaining muscle mass.

The protein diet is arguably the most talked about diet in recent years. There is moreover not one, but several protein diets and the offer continues to be renewed each year. These high protein diets generally consist of consuming meat , eggs , fish or even protein powders at will and drastically restricting the consumption of other foods. Protein diets are very controversial in the nutrition and health community.

By nature, proteins keep you fuller for longer and are lower in calories than carbohydrates, which is why they prevent hunger despite the calorie deficit imposed. The slower processing of proteins in the body allows the metabolism to stay active for longer and the number of calories burned during digestion is greater. All it takes is a restricted calorie intake and the pounds are melting away at top speed . Add to that a sports program, and the effect is increased tenfold.

With a high protein diet, as with any diet, you are creating a calorie deficit . The special thing about this diet is that you mainly eat foods rich in protein. Fat is thus given up under certain conditions, and carbohydrates are largely avoided . Thus, the high protein diet, or "protein diet", is part of low carb diets. The protein diet allows you to lose weight, without losing muscle mass.

The majority of high protein diets are based on the consumption of protein-enriched sachets or specially prepared meals. If they are effective in controlling calorie intake, they help you learn to eat better.

Be careful with the use of sachets : the high protein diet generally requires a supplementation of vitamins , minerals and essential fatty acids , to avoid deficiencies. Indeed, the risk in removing caloric foods is to remove the beneficial nutrients they contain. Supplementation is then essential to avoid damaging health.

Another essential when following this type of diet: water, it is necessary to consume at least 2 liters per day.

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