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In spring, pollen makes its big comeback, and with it allergies that we could do without. Discover in your Bio pharmacy a selection of natural products to fight against allergies and the inconveniences that come with it: cough, asthma , crying eyes , sneezing , runny nose .

Seasonal rhinitis, also called hay fever, is an allergic reaction caused by exposure to pollen.

Seasonal rhinitis usually begins in the spring, when certain allergy-causing trees release their pollen into the air. Subsequently, other allergenic plants release their pollen throughout the summer, until mid-October. The allergic reactions caused by the different pollens appear at approximately the same times each year, namely:

  • from March to June pollen from trees and shrubs;
  • from May to October (pollen from grasses, such as lawns, hay;
  • from July to October flower pollen.

Climate change lengthens the period during which plants and trees produce pollen. Consequently, the period of allergies is also likely to be prolonged over the next few years.

Seasonal rhinitis causes different symptoms, which are mainly caused by inhaling pollen. Symptoms can take the following forms:

  • worsening of asthma, if the person already has it;
  • nasal congestion;
  • signs of conjunctivitis:
    • itchy eyes;
    • purulent discharge from the eyes;
    • swelling of the eyelids;
    • tearing;
    • eye redness;
  • clear and profuse nasal discharge;
  • repeated sneezing;
  • headache ;
  • tingling and itching of the nose , throat and ears.

The side effects of seasonal rhinitis also affect the quality of life of the allergic person and their family. From spring to fall, daily activities or sports, hobbies and performance at work or school can be disrupted by:

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