Fatigue and herbal medicine 

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Fatigue and phytotherapy: find our new range of phytotherapeutic products to effectively treat fatigue in a natural way

A stroke of the pump? How are you going to fix it? And if you switched to herbal medicine to improve your shape more appropriately.
Occupational constraints, family ... The subway-work-dodo often borders overwork . How to overcome this fatigue inherent in the urban world? The most interesting aspect (as often with herbal medicine) will be at the level of prevention , especially for overwork, food and illness. Fouling will also take a huge advantage of the healing aspect, especially to get rid of all the daily poisons that we can not escape (mercury, aluminum, hydrocarbons ....).
How to boost our body not to crack? Beyond the questioning of certain lifestyles, herbal treatments can help you pass a course.
Some plants proposed against fatigue are so-called " adaptogenic " plants (ginseng, eleutherococcus, rhodiole), that is to say, that would help the body to respond to the aggressions and imbalances of which it is the object. Others contain exciting substances, especially caffeine. They can be found as drugs or extracts. Acerola, coffee, eleutherococcus, fenugreek, royal jelly, ginger, ginseng, goji, maca, spirulina, tribulus ... So many names of plants that you surely know and revitalizing effects .

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