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Care and Nature, Your organic pharmacy specializing in alternative medicines online offers you its new range of Naturopathy online. Naturopathy is an unconventional medicine that aims to balance the functioning of the body by means considered "natural": diet, lifestyle, herbal medicine , manual techniques, exercises, etc. It is part of the unconventional approaches that call themselves "holistic".

Naturopathy focuses on traditional methods, principles, and practices that affect prevention, understanding, and holistic diagnosis of the disease and its treatment. Its purpose is to facilitate the body's ability to restore and maintain optimal health. The techniques that naturopaths master, apply and advise are mainly bio-nutrition & bio-dietetics , physical and respiratory exercises , hydrology , phytology and aromatology , optimum use of light and colors, manual and reflex techniques , stress management techniques , or natural nutritional supplements , all in the context of specific treatment strategies. Naturopathy is about "getting back to health in a natural way". This is called a "prevention medicine".

The difference with traditional medicine? One acts on the symptoms, the other on the cause. In other words, you come to see a naturopathic doctor to avoid getting sick. However, it does not replace the general practitioner. A number of questions about psychology, diet and sport - the three main techniques on which naturopathic medicine is based are put to the patient. No auscultation is necessary. And for good reason, the naturopathic practitioner does not pose any diagnosis and no prescription. For more information, do not hesitate to contact our expert naturopaths via the secure form to have advice adapted to your situation.

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