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Buy your Bach flowers and flower essences in pharmacy

Care and Nature, your organic pharmacy specializing in alternative medicines online offers its new range of Bach Flowers: Find the range of Bach Flowers Inebios and Flowers of Doctor Bach, including Bach Rescue flowers and Bach flowers original in your bio pharmacy online.

Bach flowers to boost positive emotions

Bach flowers are floral elixirs that act positively on negative emotions or moods to change them positively, and which aim to help the person overcome his problems. The 38 Original Bach Flowers target all the transient or regular emotions of the individual and participate in emotional harmony in everyday life.

Made from wild flower essences or plants, Dr. Bach Rescue's Flowers are intended to cure not the disease, but the individual, by correcting negative emotions. Edward Bach, a British homeopathic doctor and bacteriologist, was responsible for his floral essences, created in the 1930s. Throughout his life he sought to identify emotions, to rebalance them and to perceive a close relationship between the two. emotional state of a person and his general state of health.

How to choose your Bach flower among the 38 elixirs of well being

There are 38 flowers, each with an emotion and an emergency floral complex, the Rescue Remedy, to cope with a situation of intense stress or panic. Famadem bach flowers act subtly on stress or any emotional manifestation by restoring balance. They take care of the minor problems of everyday life like the more serious evils: stress, fatigue, anxiety, anxiety, insomnia, lack of self-confidence, weight problem, depression, depression, mourning, mental rumination, exam preparation, etc.

To choose the right elixir, it requires a little work of introspection. Ask yourself what you are feeling right now and identify the negative emotions that are causing you problems. Once this work is done, simply search for the associated flowers. Blends of up to 6 flowers can be created. You will have a remedy tailored to solve your emotional imbalance. A naturopath or pharmacist can help you and advise you in your selection. For this thank you for contacting us on our secure form .

Natural remedy, Bach Flowers 112 Inebios represent an effective solution to deal with emotional imbalances. The big advantage is that they make it possible to compose a custom-made remedy. In addition to being effective, the formula " Rescue spray" seduced by its ease of use.

How to use floral essences

Bach flowers are natural floral quintessences, with no side effects or addictions that are for everyone, at any age, and are compatible with any other therapy.

A small bottle of Bach flowers contains an easy-to-use dropper pipette. You can take the drops directly on the tongue or diluted in water, coffee or tea.

For a punctual treatment, we can take 2 drops 4 times a day, directly under the tongue until the emotion subsides. For a background treatment, you should consult an authorized counselor who will prepare a personalized bottle, because each person is unique and it will take 4 drops 4 times a day in a little water or other snack for 3 weeks. You can also dilute ten drops in the bath.

Bach flowers chewable tablets : Faced with an unforeseen annoyance, external pressure, body and expert react and generate a state of stress Rescue Pastilles is the new little box has good mood that restores the inner well-being composed of 5 essences flowers of Original Bach, these pastilles bring all the virtues naturally soothing and relaxing of the flower essences they are advised at any age, even for the children i

Bach flowers for children and pregnant women: from the age of 3, the Bach Rescue Kids Flower Blend helps to fight against stress, anxiety or difficulty falling asleep. Without alcohol, it is suitable for children, but also for pregnant women.

Bach flowers for animals: The interpretation of the behavior of the animal is an essential element to the prescription of Bach flowers. Any prescription of Bach Flowers applies to rebalance an emotional imbalance and requires having first checked with your veterinarian the absence of pathology requiring specific treatment.

Also find all our advice on our blog: discover what Bach flowers use to treat sleep disorders and the benefits of Bach Rescue flowers to pass exams .

Take advantage of our qualified naturopaths and our advice to choose the floral elixir adapted to your personal situation. For more information, do not hesitate to ask us for advice on our secure form .



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