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L'ensemble des fleurs de bach original en flacon unitaire à commander en ligne à petit prix

Floral Elixirs from Dr. Bach, Rescue Bach Flowers and Bach Flowers Inebios

Care and Nature, Your organic pharmacy specializing in alternative medicines online offers you its new range of Bach Flowers: Find the range of Bach Flowers Inebios and Flowers of Doctor Bach, including Bach Rescue flowers and Bach flowers original in your bio pharmacy online.

Bach flowers are floral elixirs that act positively on negative emotions or moods in order to change them positively, and which aim to help the person overcome his problems. The 38 Original Bach Flowers target all the transient or regular emotions of the individual and participate in emotional harmony on a daily basis. Rescue , the famous yellow bottle, is a blend of 5 Bach Original Flowers which contributes to your serenity in all circumstances.

Manufacturing process of Bach flowers: As for homeopathy, floral therapy acts as a global therapy of the person. There are two methods of manufacture. The first is the solar method. The wild flowers are picked and then infused in spring water by the direct action of the sun, lasting 3 hours. The other method is boiling. The flowers are collected using wild plants and then boiled for 30 minutes.

Bach flower is a remedy without any side effects: The flower essences are without toxicity and without side effects. They can be associated with taking medication. Babies, pregnant women, the elderly can also use them.

How to choose from the 38 Bach flowers available?

Bach Flowers are very effective if we can determine the appropriate fuel the emotion to be treated. This is not always easy, and it is sometimes useful to be helped by a loved one who will be honest with you, or by a counselor in Bach flowers or a naturopath .

Also find all our tips on our blog: Discover what flowers bach use to cure sleep disorders and the benefits of bach rescue flowers to pass exams .

Take advantage of our certified naturopaths and our advice to choose the floral elixir adapted to your personal situation. For more information, do not hesitate to ask us for advice on our secure form .

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