Bach flowers 

bach flowers

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Care and Nature, Your organic pharmacy specializing in alternative medicines online offers its new range of Bach Flowers: Find the range of Bach Flowers Inebios and Flowers of Doctor Bach, including the floral essences Rescue and original bach flowers in your online pharmacy bio.

Dr. Edward Bach ( designer ) has evolved his conception of classical medicine. He found it too focused on the symptom and not enough on the personality of the patient. He understood that what causes the disease is an emotional imbalance. He discerned 38 Flowers corresponding to different states of emotional being, able to repair the balance and inner harmony of the person. This module is based on a practical knowledge of Bach Flowers to work in a professional manner.

Manufacturing process of Bach flowers: As for homeopathy, floral therapy acts as a global therapy of the person. There are two methods of manufacture. The first is the solar method. The wild flowers are picked and then infused in spring water by the direct action of the sun, lasting 3 hours. The other method is boiling. The flowers are collected using wild plants and then boiled for 30 minutes.

Bach flower is a remedy without any side effects: The flower essences are without toxicity and without side effects. They can be associated with taking medication. Babies, pregnant women, the elderly can also use them. It is a natural remedy that acts on emotional states. They are also effective for animals

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