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Probiotics in Pharmacy

Probiotics are actually lactic bacteria and bifidobacteria. They survive the devastating effect of gastric acid in the stomach, bile acids and digestive enzymes and have a beneficial effect on the small intestine, thus playing a very important role. The lactobacilli lodge in the small intestine, while the bifidobacteria are in the large colon.

Probiotics are food supplements containing bacteria beneficial to the human body. In the food industry, lactic acid bacteria are often used because they are able to convert sugars, including lactose, as well as other carbohydrates, into lactic acid. This gives the dishes a characteristic sour taste, which is found in yogurt. Yogurt reduces pH and inhibits the growth of harmful microorganisms and helps prevent digestive infections.

True partners in our health, probiotics are defined as live microorganisms ingested (bacteria or yeasts).

Their strong point is to help digestion:

  • By promoting good assimilation of nutrients
  • By strengthening transit
  • By decreasing bloating
  • By improving the effectiveness of the intestinal barrier

Probiotics are also particularly indicated when taking antibiotics or when a drug disrupts the flora and transit.

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