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Food supplement Lactic ferments 

Supplementation and lactic ferments

Discover our new range of food supplements for lactic ferments in the nutritherapy department of your pharmacy bio care and nature

Lacto-fermented foods such as lacto-fermented vegetable fruit juices, kombucha, kefir, must of bread, are rich in lactic ferments   and beneficial to digestion. Lactic ferments are micro-organisms that produce lactic acid. They have nothing to do with dairy products except when they plant these products. They have a so-called "probiotic" action on the intestinal flora, which consists of bacteria and yeasts, lactic ferments, which colonize the large intestine, the colon.

These lactic ferments must be live or freeze-dried, brought in large quantities (several billion), from specific strains, and integrated into acid-resistant capsules of the stomach. They will then re-seed and strengthen the intestinal flora. The intestinal flora is essential for the assimilation of nutrients, the evacuation of toxins and waste, the immune responses, the general vitality ... Lactobacillus and Bifidobacteria can be mentioned . Discover our new range of lactic ferments in the nutritherapy department of your pharmacy specializing in natural remedies.

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