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Supplementation and lactic ferments

Discover our new range of food supplements for lactic ferments in the nutritherapy department of your organic pharmacy care and nature

Lactic ferments are living microorganisms. They are harmless bacteria that induce the formation of lactic acid. These microorganisms play an important role in the immune system and the intestinal flora.

As a food supplement, the assimilation of these microorganisms in the body is ensured. Probiotics and lactic ferments of natural origin are also present in the diet.

Lactic acid bacteria are microorganisms that produce lactic acid. They have nothing to do with dairy products except when they seed those products. They have a so-called "probiotic" action on the intestinal flora, which is made up of bacteria and yeasts, lactic ferments, which colonize the large intestine, the colon.

These lactic ferments must be alive or lyophilized, supplied in large quantities (several billion), from specific strains, and integrated into capsules resistant to stomach acids. They will then come to reseed and strengthen the intestinal flora. The intestinal flora is essential for the assimilation of nutrients, the evacuation of toxins and waste, immune responses, general vitality ... We can mention lactobacillus and bifidobacteria. Discover our new range of lactic ferments in the nutritherapy section of your pharmacy specializing in natural remedies.

How to choose your food supplement of lactic ferments

Food and food supplements are an important source of probiotics and lactic acid bacteria. As a food supplement, these microorganisms are presented in powder or capsule form. Currently, buffers enriched with lactic ferments are even available.

It is important to note that since there are different kinds of probiotics, it is essential to choose the right probiotic to improve your health:

  • A strain of lactobacillus gasseri bacteria to lose weight and lose weight.
  • A strain of bifidobacterium longum to treat diarrhea, constipation and food allergies.
  • A strain of lactobacillus acidophilus to prevent abdominal cramps and bloating.

At present, and within the framework of Regulation 1924/2006, the European Union requires that the indication "probiotic" appear on a product only if it has obtained a specific health claim. However, no probiotic has yet succeeded in this feat. The only authorized health claim for lactic acid bacteria concerns live cultures in yoghurts. Yoghurt manufacturers are allowed to write on their packaging: "Live cultures in yoghurt or fermented milk improve the digestion of lactose in these products in people who have difficulty digesting it." And again this assertion is accompanied by conditions:

“Yoghurts or fermented milk must contain at least 108 colony forming units of ferments (Lactobacillus delbrueckii subsp. Bulgaricus and Streptococcus thermophilus) per gram. "

Here is why on food supplements based on lactic ferments, you will not read any therapeutic claims ...

The benefits of lactic ferments on the body

Lactic ferments act on the level of the intestinal flora to improve its functioning and performance. The daily consumption of fermented products therefore has many beneficial effects including:

  • The protection of the organism fights the proliferation of pathogenic bacteria potentially dangerous to humans, such as certain strains of E.coli, Listeria or Salmonella. These lactic ferments will act as a barrier and then help strengthen immunity.
  • The restoration of the intestinal flora which participates in maintaining the balance of intestinal function. If this flora is altered, intense diarrhea and stomach aches can appear.  Lactic ferments take the place of pathogenic bacteria and thus facilitate the work of your digestive tract.
  •  Anti-inflammatory action to relieve pain . Bloating , flatulence and intestinal cramps are thus avoided.
  • Strengthening the intestinal flora which improves digestion . Indeed, lactic acid bacteria will make the digestive system more efficient and thus promote better digestion and therefore better assimilation. In this way, you get the best from the foods you consume ( nutrients, vitamins, minerals, etc.) .

To choose the lactic ferments food supplement suited to your health needs, do not hesitate to ask your pharmacist for advice.

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