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GYNOPHILUS vaginal tablet LP combines probiotics naturally present in the vagina (Lactobacillus casei rhamnosus Döderlein) and prebiotics.

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Used for : intimate drought, intimate comfort, intimate itch

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From birth, the vagina is colonized by a natural bacterial flora . This one strongly resembles the flora of an adult woman, because of the maternal hormones which persist for a few weeks in the organism of the child. Then, when these hormones disappear, the vaginal flora of the little girl is made up of digestive and cutaneous germs until puberty.

With the appearance of estrogen during puberty, vaginal secretions increase. The flora of the young girl is gradually transformed into that of an adult woman. A woman's vaginal flora is composed primarily of a bacterium called Döderlein's bacillus or lactobacillus . We can count up to 10 million per ml. Lactobacilli belong to the same family as the bacteria used in the manufacture of yogurts. They naturally ensure the protection of the vagina .

Description of Gynophilus LP vaginal tablet

This dietary supplement regenerates the vaginal flora .

This vaginal probiotic contains Lactobacillus casei rhamnosus Döderleini , naturally present in the vaginal cavity of women.

These lactobacilli produce lactic acid which helps maintain or restore the vaginal ecosystem by lowering the pH.

This medical device comes in a prolonged-release vaginal tablet : the tablet dissolves inside the vagina and forms a gel that continuously releases the quantity of lactobacilli needed for 4 days.

The vaginal probiotic helps maintain the right balance.

When to use Gynophilus LP ?

It is used in relay of a local antifungal or antibiotic treatment; together with oral treatment (usually antibiotics).

What does vaginal acidity do?
It keeps germs that cannot tolerate acidity at bay. They find in the vagina a climate which does not suit them and therefore cannot develop there. to form a highly toxic product for sexually transmitted microbes. For example, it attacks the germs that cause gonorrhea, the AIDS virus, etc. The risk of STI transmission is therefore lower when the vagina is in good internal health.

How to use Gynophilus LP vaginal tablet?

The vaginal probiotic is used as follows:

  • We advise to use 1 tablet every 4 days, in the evening at bedtime.
  • The tablet should be moistened in a little water to facilitate its introduction into the back of the vagina.
  • During use, discharge may occur a few hours after the introduction of the tablet (the use of a panty liner is recommended).
  • Sexual intercourse is possible 8 hours after administration of the tablet.

Read carefully the instructions before use.

ome infections such as fungal infections can occur following antibiotic treatment. These drugs do not distinguish between " bad " and " good " bacteria in the vaginal flora. Some women, who are more sensitive than others, therefore contract vaginal infections following such treatment. If this is your case, be sure to report it to your doctor. He will then be able to adapt his medication prescription to your situation.

To take care of your vaginal flora, you must also adopt the right gestures for your intimate comfort .

What is the composition of Gynophilus LP vaginal tablet?

Freeze-dried culture of Lactobacillus casei variety rhamnosus of Doderleini and lactose.
3 key components :

  • A prebiotic that nourishes the Lcr35 probiotic, helping it to establish itself and multiply.
  • A carefully researched Lcr35 single-strain probiotic that has been consistently proven beneficial in vaginal infections.
  • Eubiotic : active metabolites that defend Lcr35 and contribute to its effectiveness.


Box of 2 or 6 vaginal tablets.

Class IIa medical device (CE marking) source:

Gynophilus LP is a vaginal probiotic.

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