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BioGaia is a healthcare company that develops, markets and sells probiotic products that combine the probiotic bacteria Lactobacillus reuteri and advanced engineering to develop unique packaging solutions to create probiotic products that meet the needs of consumers.

BioGaia is a healthcare company that develops, markets and sells probiotic products with documented health benefits. Their products combine the probiotic bacteria Lactobacillus reuteri and advanced engineering to develop unique packaging solutions to create probiotic products that meet consumer needs. Lactobacillus reuteri is a "good" bacterium that helps fight "bad" microorganisms in the digestive tract, thereby improving the health of the host.

Pediact is a specialized laboratory for the health and well-being of infants and children. Pediatrics is an often overlooked area of the pharmaceutical industry. The Pédiact laboratory is a company created in 2012 whose head office is located in Asnières-sur-Seine. Pediact also distributes the Biogaia brand or even Pharyndol .

Pediact listens to the needs of health professionals, paediatricians, midwives and pharmacists to best define their needs. This laboratory strives to find innovative, effective and proven solutions with demonstrated tolerance and harmlessness in very young children.

Thus Pediact offers products for the well-being and health of the whole family, Biogaia lactic ferments, infant nutrition, pulmonology or dermatology. The vision of Pediact is to bring comfort to toddlers both food and skin.
Infant nutrition with Capricare
Pediact is inspired by breast milk which is the ideal food for infants. Capricare is an infant nutrition based on goat's milk which covers the essential needs of babies during the first years of life for good growth and good behavioral and cognitive development. Capricare milks comply with the regulations in force.

World leader in probiotics

BioGaia is a world leader in probiotics with over 20 years of probiotic experience. Over the years, they have created a global network of independent researchers and specialists, in-house experts and business partners around the world.

BioGaia conducts research and development to provide consumers with clinically effective, safe, patented and easy-to-use probiotic products. They promote open networks of leading researchers.

They guarantee a wise investment in long-term research to develop innovative and patented probiotics and delivery systems. The laboratory presents unique formulations. They thus develop flexible, user-friendly and environmentally friendly products, which are sold through a network of established distributors.

The Biogaia brand reflects the commitment to promote health and to be the probiotic of choice for healthcare professionals and consumers. As a result, they are committed to the fight against antibiotic resistance . This research should be reflected in the prioritization of their research and development work.

About Everidis Health Sciences

Everidis is a proactive, prevention-minded health sciences company focused on clinical formulation and product development in the areas of pediatrics , gastroenterology and orthopedics. Their mission is to translate peer-reviewed health and nutrition research into products designed to improve the health and well-being of patients. Everidis' management staff consists of scientific specialists and medical advisors with extensive experience in the fields of biochemistry and pharmaceuticals. They promote open networks of leading researchers. They develop effective and healthy probiotics, as well as their derivatives or metabolites (probiotics). The result is a unique blend of clinical knowledge and market insight.

As a private company, they have the freedom and flexibility to act in the best interests of patients by implementing research and development strategies that emphasize patient safety and clinical outcomes. Currently, their development roadmap is focused on products designed to support intestinal , metabolic , and musculoskeletal function.

Pediact in dermatology. Products are developed by Pediact: Poxclin, Kidsclin and Poxcare.

Poxclin is a foam that will be administered to relieve itchy skin.

PoxClin Varicella is more specific for chickenpox itching and PoxClin itching can be used by the whole family to relieve itching of different origins: dry skin, eczema, hives, or Molluscum contagiosum.
These anti-itching products will reduce the risk of scarring, prevent infection and will refresh and soothe instantly, in particular thanks to the 2QR complex, a derivative of Aloe vera.

Kidsclin for diaper rash is a spray suitable for relieving skin inflammation caused by contact between a soiled diaper and baby's skin which is more permeable than adult skin, not having a high hydrolipidic film. quality.
Stool bacteria convert urea into ammonia which is a powerful irritant causing redness, irritation and even eczema. Kidsclin spray restores the barrier function of the skin, normalizes the pH, protects against friction and softens the skin.

Kidsclin is a treatment kit against cradle cap. It helps to suppress and prevent seborrheic dermatitis in infants. Cradle cap is caused by excess sebum with a yeast infection. Thus Kidsclin treats and prevents cradle cap, dissolves the sebum layer and creates a protective barrier.

PoxKare is a treatment for Molluscum contagiosum, a skin condition in children that has as its symptom raised lesions of the epidermis 2 to 5 mm in diameter. Poxcare acts by keratolysis of infected cells.

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