Urinary comfort and herbal medicine 

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Urinary comfort and herbal medicine: find our new range of phytotherapeutic products to fight against urinary disorders in a natural way

Urinary tract infections , kidney problems, continence problems ... The problems of the urinary system can occur at any age. Disturbed urinary comfort hides a poor renal elimination often caused by insufficient lifestyle, excessive stress, acidification of the body or various internal imbalances.
Urinary retention, poor personal hygiene, and intercourse may promote the growth of bacteria . This phenomenon affects both sexes equally. Regarding the causes of women, we can mention pregnancy or menopause. In humans these genes are mainly related to disorders of the prostate.
To help you, herbal medicine brings natural answers. Discover the most appropriate plants. Their action will consist in stimulating renal function without excess and therefore without risk of mineral imbalance within the body.

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