CUT PLANT hawkweed Hieracium pilosella L. Herb IPHYM

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Piloselle Pack 250 g

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Used for : asthme, cures de diurèse

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Piloselle Pack 250 g

CUT PLANT hawkweed Hieracium pilosella L. Herb IPHYM

Latin name: Hieracium pilosella L.

Family: Asteraceae

Common names: Epervière, Mouse Ear, Ear rat, Véluette Grass to hawk

Parts used: Whole plant

Origin: Europe, Asia, North America

Properties piloselle CUT PLANT

Pilosella has hypoazotémique dechlorination and diuretic properties. The umbelliferone strongly inhibits the Brucella (Malta fever) and phenols acids are anti-bacterial. There is a astringent and antitussive, reducing mucus in the respiratory tract. Inulin, a very flexible polysaccharide (fructan a) is an osmotic diuretic, filtered by the renal glomerulus, it increases the osmotic pressure of the tubular liquid.

Indications and uses piloselle CUT PLANT

pilosella is used in the following therapeutic indications:

- Cures diuresis

- Oily Cough

- Asthma, whooping cough, bronchitis

- Brucellosis

Piloselle dosage CUT PLANT

- Cures diuresis and detoxification
- Asthma, whooping cough, bronchitis, cough fat
- Brucellosis
Tisane: 40g / l, 10 min, 3 cups a day

Botanical description piloselle CUT PLANT

Small turf plant
- Stem erect
- Leaves long, oval, ruffled silks and cottony below
- Capitol yellow flowers in the center of a basal rosette of leaves

Pharmacology piloselle CUT PLANT

Active ingredients: flavonoids, coumarin, phenolic acids, inulin

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