CUT PLANT pellitory Parietaria officinalis L. Herb IPHYM

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Pariétaire - cut plant pack 250 g

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Used for : urolithiasis

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Pariétaire - cut plant pack 250 g

CUT PLANT pellitory Parietaria officinalis L. Herb IPHYM

Latin name: Parietaria officinalis L.

Family: Urticaceae

Common Names: Brain stone wall Perce, Spinach walls, Grass Notre Dame, Espargoule, Grass glasses, Grass nuns, nightshade wall Vitriol

Parts used: Whole plant

Origin: Europe, Asia, North Africa

Properties pariétaire CUT PLANT

The Parietaria has diuretic properties due to its potassium nitrate content; it could also involve a glycoside kaempferol. It is antirheumatic and émolliante plant; she would be able to prevent the formation of kidney stones and gallstones (antilithiasique).

Indications and uses pariétaire CUT PLANT

the Parietaria is used in the following therapeutic indications:

- Urinary and biliary lithiasis

- Nephritis, pyelitis

- Renal colic

- cystitis

Dosage pariétaire CUT PLANT

Confirmed by usage:
- Diuretic
Infusion: 20 g / liter, infuse 15 minutes, drink 500 ml / day

Botanical description pariétaire CUT PLANT

- Herb, hairy, hardy, very common in France, pushing the rubble
- Stem erect
- Sheet alternate, oval, narrowed at the bottom and at the top
- Flowers small, greenish

Pharmacology pariétaire CUT PLANT

Active ingredients: Potassium nitrate, flavonoids, tannins

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