DANDELION ROOT CUT IPHYM Herbalism Taraxacum officinale

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Dandelion - Racine cut package 250g

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Used for : kidney stones

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Dandelion - Racine cut package 250g

DANDELION ROOT CUT IPHYM Herbalism Taraxacum officinale

Latin name: Taraxacum officinale

Family: Asteraceae

Common names: Dent de Lion, Gold Florin, taupe salad, monk Crown Cochet, dog Lettuce

Parts used: Root

Origin: Europe


Dandelion root has properties timulante s estrogen and c holérétique.

Indications and uses DANDELION ROOT CUT

dandelion root is used in the following therapeutic indications:

- Osteoarthritis
- Kidney stones
- Joint pain
- Cellulite
- Obesity
- Warts

Cons-indications and precautions with DANDELION ROOT CUT

- Not recommended during pregnancy and lactation

- Avoid in case of heart and kidney disease

- Risk of hypokalaemia if long-term use (making discontinuous cures)


Usual dosage; Decoction of dandelion roots: 2 tablespoons per liter of water. Boil a few minutes, infuse half hour. Drink a liter a day, 10 days per month.

Botanical description DANDELION ROOT CUT

- Perennial herb of 0.10 to 0.50 m
- Jagged leaf, rosette at the base
- Flowers ligulate, yellow, grouped in inflorescences (flower heads)
- Presence of latex


Active ingredients: Fructose, inulin, sesquiterpene lactones, germacranolides, eudesmanolides, triterpene alcohols, flavonoids, sterols, phenolic acids, coumarin, potassium

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