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Extracts fluids Plants Fresh Standardized EPS PhytoPrevent

EPS Basic EPS or a mixture in a tinted bottle of 30, 60, 90, 100, 150, 300, or 500 ml + measuring cup provided

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Standardized Herbal Extracts are fluid Standardized Plant Extracts Fresh (Phytostandard) and glycerine, obtained through an innovative and patented extraction process, guaranteed content of a tracer. Non-alcoholic.

These raw materials are marketed by the laboratory PILEJE (PhytoPrevent). Our pharmacy technicians associate them according to the formulation and choice of physician prescribing.

How to order your mixes PSE PHYTOPREVENT easily

In practice, you order your EPS mixture according to the prescription from your doctor and you get a compounding PSE Custom (EPS generally packaged in bottles of 150 ml, depending on the duration of treatment).

Use the "Customize" to provide us the list of EPS mixing tab and save your contribution before adding this product to your EPS shopping cart. Remember to fill in the desired total volume of fluid Standardized Plant Extracts in the dropdown menu "Your reference" to the left of the price.

CHOOSE from over 55 EPS currently available:

  • EPS Alchemilla
  • EPS Alfalfa
  • EPS Artichoke
  • EPS Hawthorn
  • EPS Oats
  • EPS Burdock
  • EPS Busserole
  • EPS Cranberry
  • EPS Caralluma
  • EPS Cassis
  • EPS Thistle
  • EPS Curcuma
  • EPS Cypress
  • EPS Desmodium
  • EPS Echinacea
  • EPS Eschscholtzia
  • EPS Fumeterre
  • EPS Chaste
  • EPS Gentian
  • EPS Ginkgo Biloba
  • EPS Ginseng
  • EPS Feverfew
  • EPS Griffonia
  • EPS Guarana
  • EPS Hamamelis
  • EPS Horse Chestnut
  • EPS Mélilot
  • EPS Melissa
  • EPS Wort
  • EPS Mucuna
  • EPS Walnut
  • EPS Olivier
  • EPS Orthosiphon
  • EPS Nettle PA
  • EPS Nettle root
  • EPS Passion
  • EPS Wild Pansy
  • EPS Madagascar periwinkle
  • EPS Piloselle
  • EPS Scots pine
  • EPS Dandelion
  • EPS leaved Plantain
  • EPS Horsetail
  • EPS Horseradish
  • EPS Licorice
  • EPS Meadowsweet
  • EPS Rhodiola
  • EPS Clary Sage
  • EPS Willow
  • EPS Figwort
  • EPS Sureau
  • EPS Tribulus
  • EPS Valerian
  • EPS Red Vine


EPS or Standardized Extract fresh plants are obtained by "Phytostandard" extraction process that respects the integrity and completeness of the active principles present in the plant.


Order EPS Phytostandard PHYTOPREVENT:

Name EPS Plant / Latin name / Part used

Standardized Herbal Extracts Alchemilla / Alchemilla vulgaris / aerial part

Standardized Herbal Extracts Alfalfa / Medicago sativa / aerial part

Standardized Herbal Extracts Artichoke / Cynara scolymus / Sheet

Standardized Herbal Extracts Hawthorn / Crataegus monogyna and oxyacantha / Flowering top

Standardized Herbal Extracts Oats / Avena sativa / Seed

Standardized Herbal Extracts Burdock / Arctium lappa / Racine

Standardized Herbal Extracts Bearberry / Arctostaphylos uva-ursi / Sheet

Standardized Herbal Extracts Caralluma / Caralluma adscendens / aerial part

Standardized Herbal Extracts Cassis / Ribes nigrum / Sheet

Standardized Herbal Extracts Thistle / Silybum marianum L. / Fruit devoid Egrets

Standardized Herbal Extracts Turmeric / Curcuma longa / Rhizome

Standardized Herbal Extracts Cypress / Cupressus sempervirens / Nuts

Standardized Herbal Extracts Desmodium / Desmodium adscendens / aerial part

Standardized Herbal Extracts Echinacea / Echinacea purpurea / Racine

Standardized Herbal Extracts Eschscholtzia / Eschscholtzia californica / aerial part flowered

Standardized Herbal Extracts Fumeterre / Fumaria officinalis / aerial part flowered

Standardized Herbal Extracts Chaste Tree / Vitex agnus castus / Fruit

Standardized Herbal Extracts Gentian / Gentiana lutea / Racine

Standardized Herbal Extracts Ginkgo / Ginkgo biloba biloba / Sheet

Standardized Herbal Extracts Ginseng / Panax ginseng / Racine

Standardized Herbal Extracts feverfew / Tanacetum parthenium / aerial part flowered

Standardized Herbal Extracts Griffonia / Griffonia simplificifolia / Seed

Standardized Herbal Extracts Guarana / Paullinia cupana / Seed

Standardized Herbal Extracts Hops / Humulus lupulus / female inflorescence

Brown guinea Standardized Herbal Extracts / Aesculus hippocastanum / Seed

Standardized Herbal Extracts Mélilot / Melilotus officinalis / Flowering top

Standardized Herbal Extracts balm / Melissa officinalis / aerial part

Standardized Herbal Extracts Wort / Hypericum perforatum / Flowering top

Standardized Herbal Extracts Mucuna / Mucuna / Seed

Standardized Herbal Extracts Walnut / Juglans regia L. / Sheet

Standardized Herbal Extracts Olivier / Olea europaea / Sheet

Standardized Herbal Extracts Orthosiphon / Orthosiphon stamineus / Sheet

Standardized Herbal Extracts PA Nettle / Urtica dioica / aerial part

Standardized Herbal Extracts Nettle root / Urtica dioica radix / Racine

Standardized Herbal Extracts Passionflower / Passiflora incarnata / aerial part

Standardized Herbal Extracts Wild Pansy / Viola tricolor / aerial part flowered

Standardized Herbal Extracts Madagascar periwinkle / Vinca rosea / Roots

Standardized Herbal Extracts Piloselle / Hieracium pilosella / Whole plant

Standardized Herbal Extracts Scots pine / Pinus sylvestris / Bud

Standardized Herbal Extracts Dandelion / Taraxacum officinale / Racine

Standardized Herbal Extracts Plantain / Plantago lanceolata lanceolate / Sheet

Standardized Herbal Extracts Horsetail / Equisetum arvense / aerial part

Standardized Herbal Extracts Black radish / Raphanus sativus Niger / Racine

Standardized Herbal Extracts Meadowsweet / Spirea ulmaria / flowers Luminary

Standardized Herbal Extracts Clary Sage / Salvia sclarea / Sheet

Standardized Herbal Extracts Willow / Salix purpurea alba and / Bark

Standardized Herbal Extracts Figwort / Scrofularia nodosa / aerial part

Standardized Herbal Extracts Tribulus / Tribulus terrestris / aerial part

Standardized Herbal Extracts Valerian / Valeriana officinalis / Racine

Standardized Herbal Extracts Red Vine / Vitis vinifera / Sheet

Before clicking ADD TO CART , thank you to provide us the list of EPS to mix (with dilution ) , and save your input before adding this product to your EPS shopping cart

FLUID EXTRACTS STANDARDIZED PLANT FRESH (EPS), unique herbal products are vegetable raw materials for compounding in the pharmacy.

Quality phytostandards suppose upstream highest quality raw materials, in other words medicinal plants. However, their composition can be highly variable from year to year, depending on weather conditions, seasons, vegetative stage, ground ...
Address these inequalities and to ensure a constant concentration in the selected tracer, the patented extraction process is based on laboratory PhytoPrevent standardization of their products.

They have the following characteristics:

  • Selection of fresh plants clearly identified botanically, preferably from organic farming or sustainable agriculture.

  • Preparation process patented Phytostandard ensuring COMPLETE EXTRACTION guaranteeing respect for the completeness and integrity of assets and useful principles contained in the original plant. And is returned the molecular composition of the original plant.

  • Maximizing control and product knowledge

- In-depth analysis of the composition
- Search for trace contaminants: absence of microbiological, chemical and radioactive contaminants

  • Dosage form well accepted by the patient

  • Regulatory compliance inclusion in the European Pharmacopoeia, realization of compounding

The method of obtaining fluid Fresh Plant Extract standardized (EPS) starts cryogrinding followed by leaching at low temperature extraction of the aqueous portion and the extraction of the alcoholic part to varying degrees of alccol (20 ° to 70 °). This complex and highly technical, can extract all molecules (water-soluble and fat-soluble) plant origin according to their polarity.

All of these operations takes place at low temperature and the absence of air, and the following step e evaporation of the alcohol under vacuum.

Thereafter is added glycerin vegetable certified, which ensures a natural conservation extracts, without adding any additives or preservatives, and is used to adjust the final concentration of the tracer.

This new extraction technique can reproduce "ad integrum" active ingredients of plant origin, respect their integrity and completeness, a prerequisite for a identical to the plant from which they are derived optimal efficiency, and necessary to maintain a reproducible activity over time.

In fluids Plant Extracts Fresh standardized (EPS), the presence of glycerin sweetens the taste of plants and provides the patient with an easy to make due to its liquid form and its especially nice flavor product.

Devoid of sugar and alcohol, and thanks to their excellent tolerability, these products are particularly suitable in the elderly and in children.

You can associate these fluid extracts of fresh plants with essential oils. This strengthens the therapeutic action in p athologies resistant acute or chronic.

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