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EPS Préparations PhytoPrevent EPS Préparations PhytoPrevent

Extracts fluids Plants Fresh Standardized EPS SWEET CLOVER Pileje

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EPS Phytostandard MELILOT Pileje reconditioned in masterly preparation

Preparation of Fluid Extracts of Standardized Fresh Plants in Glycerin Solution (EPS)

1 tsp per course of 1 to 3 intermittent months
Traditionally used for these signs:
Vein-lymphatic insufficiency, rosacea : EPS melilot + EPS red vine aa
Hemorrhoids, pelvic congestion : Sweet clover EPS + Indian brown EPS aa
Vein-capillary insufficiency, vascular protection: EPS melilot + EPS ginkgo aa
Vein-lymphatic insufficiency with associated cutaneous trophic disorders : EPS sweet clover + EPS horsetail aa

How to order your mixture of EPS Phytostandard MELILOT Pileje

These raw materials are marketed by the PiLeje laboratory (Pileje). Our pharmacy technicians combine them according to the formulation and the choice of prescription of the doctors - naturopaths.

In practice , you order your mixture from us according to the prescription established by your practitioner and you receive a masterful personalized EPS preparation (generally packaged in 150 ml bottles, depending on the duration of the treatment).

Use the " Personalization " tab to provide us with the list of EPS to mix, then save your contribution before adding this product to your shopping cart. Remember to enter the desired total volume of Standardized Plant Fluid Extracts, in the " Your reference " drop-down menu to the left of the price.

EPS Phytostandard MELILOT EPS Pileje reconditioned in masterly preparation

Food supplement based on Melilot fluid extract (Standardized and stabilized) Alcohol-free
The Phytostandards are fluid extracts, produced from selected plants whose origin is traced.
They are obtained according to a patented process which respects the integrity of the plant. These extracts are standardized and ensure a constant and stable content of active ingredients.

Properties of EPS Phytostandard Mélilot

- Circulatory disorders
- Hemorrhoids
- Stretch marks, prevention
- Acne rosacea
- Rosacea
- Helps in weight loss, cellulite
- Premenstrual syndrome

Tips for using EPS Phytostandard Mélilot

5 ml of EPS MELILOT, once or twice a day (dosing pipette supplied in the case)

Duration of supplementation: 9 to 18 days. To be renewed as needed.
To take without meals, to dilute in a large glass of water, or a fruit juice.

Precautions for use of EPS Phytostandard Mélilot

Under no circumstances can the information and advice given constitute a diagnosis, which necessarily requires an examination with his doctor.
They do not replace a consultation with him either.
They should in no case be a substitute for medical treatment.

This food supplement cannot replace a varied, balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.
Excess use may result in laxative effects.

Stop 3 days before surgery.
Best before end and batch number mentioned on the underside of the case.
Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. Store at room temperature. Keep out of the reach of children.

Composition of EPS Phytostandard Mélilot

Melilotus extract - Melilotus officinalis (Flowering tops), stabilized in glycerin of vegetable origin.

Preserving the constituents of sweet clover requires the use of an extraction process undertaken on the fresh plant immediately after picking, thus avoiding fungal contamination linked to drying and the appearance of phytoalexins (medicarpine, dicoumarol). The synergy of action of the compounds of the plant and their volatility make necessary a total extract providing all the fractions of sweet clover.
Only a double water and alcohol extraction carried out from fresh plants makes it possible to preserve the integrity and all of the active ingredients present in the original plant.


The etymological origin of sweet clover comes from the Greek "meli" which means "honey" and from "lotus" "lotus", "honey flowers" much sought after by bees. The flowering tops of sweet clover, rich in coumarins and coumarin derivatives, are traditionally used to soothe swollen legs in cases of venous insufficiency.

In practice , you order from us your mixture of liquid plants without alcohol according to the prescription established by your practitioner and you receive a masterful preparation of personalized EPS (generally packaged in bottles of 90ml, 150ml or 300ml, depending on the duration of the treatment and the number of daily doses).

Use the " Personalization " tab to provide us with the list of EPS to mix, then save your contribution before adding this product to your shopping cart. Remember to enter the desired total volume of Standardized Plant Fluid Extracts, in the " Your reference " drop-down menu to the left of the price.

EPS Raw Materials for Pharmaceutical Use from Pileje laboratory

EPS are fluid extracts of Standardized and glycerinated Fresh Plants , obtained thanks to an innovative and patented extraction process, with a guaranteed tracer content. These plant extracts are alcohol-free, they can be recommended to the whole family.

These raw materials are marketed by the Pileje laboratory. Our pharmacy technicians combine them according to the formulation and the doctors' choice of prescription.

The EPS or Standardized Fresh Plant Extract are obtained by the "Phytostandard" extraction process which respects the integrity and all of the active plant ingredients naturally present in the medicinal plant. We suggest that you prepare your individualized blend of EPS , according to the formulas recommended by your Naturopath .

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