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The EPS are fluid extracts of Standardized fresh Plants, glycerin (phytostandard) PHYTOPREVENT, obtained thanks to an innovative and patented extraction process, with guaranteed content of active principle. EPS are medicinal plant extracts without alcohol. Order at the best prices the whole range of EPS (Standardized Fresh Plant Extract, simple or in mixture) and Phytostandards tablets from the pharmaceutical laboratory PhytoPrevent-Pileje. We have all EPS in stock at all times. We offer you to make your tailor-made PHYTOPREVENT EPS liquid mixtures free of charge, in the volume of your choice.

Principle of the fluid extract of Fresh Plants developed by Pileje

Selection of fresh plants

Phytoprevent selects fresh plants *, preferably from organic cultivation or sustainable agriculture. Depending on the parts of the plants used, they are harvested when they are the richest in compounds: roots and leaves before flowering, flowers and flowering tops during a fairly dry period ...


The plant is then frozen within 24 hours of harvesting, near its place of cultivation. This freezing makes it possible to stop most of the biological and enzymatic processes which may be responsible for its degradation. It thus makes it possible to preserve the quality of the compounds of the plant. The cold chain is respected during the transport of the plant, until it is transported to the storage places.

Crushing the frozen plant

A very important step before extraction, cold crushing consists of reducing the plant to fine particles, always at low temperature in order to preserve the compounds of the plant. This step makes it possible to optimize the extraction of the compounds by the solvents.

Alcohol leaching

Leaching, a patented step in the Phytostandard® process, consists of extracting the maximum number of compounds from the plant using solvents of varying alcoholic degrees, while preserving their integrity.

The collection of extracts

The different fractions extracted from the plant, water and alcohol, are collected.

Vacuum evaporation

The alcohol used to extract the natural active ingredients is evaporated under vacuum.


The "concentrate" of plant extracts thus obtained is mixed with glycerin of plant origin, depending on the final galenic, or acacia fiber of biological origin. * Except harpagophytum root.

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