Herbal Medicine and Joints 

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Herbal medicine and joints

Discover our new range of phytotherapeutic products to effectively treat your joint problems

The joints are fragile parts of our skeleton . Rheumatism, osteoarthritis, degradation are common facts of these elements. Herbal medicine has all the weapons to prevent or reduce the effects of these problems.
With age, professional and personal habits, joints are subjected to severe tests both in terms of wear and degeneration (osteoarthritis, rheumatism ...)
A joint is a bone piece that "connects" 2 bones. To allow movement (often sliding from one bone to another), there is a protective layer called cartilage. It also protects against shocks (thanks to the synovial bag that separates two cartilage surfaces). This is the main element so that we can move normally.
The various joints are the knee , the hip , the shoulder , the ankle , the elbow , the wrist and also the vertebral column , composed of vertebrae connected together by small joints .
Constantly stressed, our joints are fragile and can suffer from pain and stiffness . It is important to take care of your joints and maintain them to avoid the effects of aging . In case of joint disorders, herbal medicine brings you all- natural solutions, both effective and without risk of adverse side effects.
Thus, some plants can calm joint pain . Their effect can be immediate and effective. These plants have anti-inflammatory and soothing properties . They can be used in addition to medical treatment. Herbal medicine is an ally to relieve rheumatic pain and increase the movement of joints affected by the disease. So you can use herbs to reduce joint pain and protect your cartilage .

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