Herbal Medicine and Joints 

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Herbal medicine and joints

Discover our new range of phytotherapeutic products to effectively treat your joint problems

Joints are fragile parts of our skeleton . Rheumatism, osteoarthritis, degradation are common facts of these elements. Herbal medicine has all the tools to prevent or even reduce the effects of these problems.
With age, professional and personal habits, the joints are subjected to severe tests both in terms of wear and degeneration (osteoarthritis, rheumatism, etc.)
A joint is a piece of bone that “connects” 2 bones. To allow movement (often the sliding of one bone over another), there is a protective layer called cartilage. It also serves as protection against shocks (thanks to the synovial pocket which separates 2 surfaces of cartilage). This is the main element so that we can move normally.
The various joints are the knee , hip , shoulder , ankle , elbow , wrist and also the spine , made up of vertebrae linked together by small joints .
Constantly stressed, our joints are fragile and can suffer from pain and stiffness . It would be important to take care of his joints and maintain them in order to avoid the effects of aging . In the event of joint disorders, herbal medicine brings you completely natural solutions, both effective and without risk of harmful side effects.
Thus, certain plants can calm joint pain . Their effect can be immediate and effective. These plants have anti-inflammatory and calming properties . They can be used in addition to medical treatment. Herbal medicine is the ally to relieve rheumatic pain and increase the movement of joints affected by the disease. So you can use herbs to reduce joint pain and protect your cartilage .

Impact of repetitive movements

Our joints are complex structures made up of bones, muscles, ligaments, tendons and other tissues. Injury or damage to a joint can affect any of these structures, sometimes making it difficult to pinpoint the source of the pain. Often all parts of the joint are affected and become inflamed.

Although a one-time accident (exceptional effort to lift a heavy object, extreme twisting, etc.), degenerative disease (rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, etc.) or infection can cause damage to either of the these tissues, the most common cause of musculoskeletal disorders remains the practice of repetitive movements. These movements cause light trauma which, over time, damages the tissues that connect the muscles to the skeleton.

Certain manifestations are rather frequent:

  • Stiffness - pain limiting movement of the joint
  • Swelling of the joint
  • Loss of joint function

Herbal medicine offers solutions to heal with plants (powders, preparations in ampoules, infusions, etc.). Whether it is for better sleep or as a slimming asset, herbal medicine, that is to say all the medicinal plants , makes it possible to remedy everyday problems in a natural way.
In the form of powders, infusions, fresh or dried plants, or in the form of alcoholic tincture or balm ... Plants have always been used to treat various ailments. Among the most famous medicinal plants are lavender, sage and ginseng. Medicinal plants can contain hundreds or even thousands of different active ingredients.
You will discover all the benefits of plants on our health and the many ailments likely to be soothed: colds, heavy legs, back pain, wart, cystitis, hemorrhoids ...
Herbal teas, herbal medicine and food supplements: the return to naturalness is confirmed in our organic pharmacy.

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