Herbal medicine and heavy legs 

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Phytotherapy and heavy legs: discover our new range of phytotherapeutic products to effectively treat your heavy leg problems

Tingling, tingling (burning sensation), night cramps, swelling of the feet, redness in the ankles and these are the first symptoms of venous insufficiency often referred to as heavy legs .
Venous insufficiency affects 1 French in 3, and all these signs corresponding to the 1st stage of venous insufficiency must challenge you. Indeed if nothing is done, the condition of the veins can deteriorate resulting in varicose veins , phlebitis and extreme stage: pulmonary embolism .
Having heavy legs is a blood circulation problem. The venous system is weakened and is no longer efficient enough to carry the blood to the heart. The blood stagnates in the legs and creates edema, which causes pain . If you have heavy legs, you can resort to herbal medicine, which is the therapy by plants. Herbal medicine, a natural method , can help you relieve your heavy legs.
The plants proposed to relieve the symptoms of venous insufficiency (swelling, pain) are most often chosen for their richness in flavonoids . They can be used alone or in combination to combine their effects.
Whether you consume these herbs in capsules , herbal tea or tablets , the effect on the circulation will be the same. So you can choose to buy veinotonics or use directly herbal extracts (herbal medicine) or essential oils (aromatherapy).

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