RED VINE LEAF CUT IPHYM Herbalism Vitis vinifera L.

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RED VINE LEAF CUT IPHYM Herbalism Vitis vinifera L.

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Used for : obésité, varicosités, insuffisance veineuse

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RED VINE LEAF CUT IPHYM Herbalism Vitis vinifera L.

Latin name: Vitis vinifera

Family: Vitaceae

Other names: Vine vinifera wild vine, Lambrusco

Parts used: Leaf

Origin: Europe


Leaves of red vine are concentrated in various flavonoids. A significant medical study demonstrated the beneficial effect of an extract of red vine leaves on subjects with venous insufficiency.

Indications and uses RED VINE LEAF CUT

- Venous insufficiency

- Hemorrhoids

- Varicose Veins

- Heavy legs

- Following phlebitis

- Varicose ulcers

- Hot flushes of menopause

Angioprotectrice this action is enhanced by the presence of tannins, astringents and vasoconstrictors, which promote venous return. These tannins, proanthocyanidins have an action against free radicals. They are stabilizers of collagen in the vessel membranes.

The advice of our pharmacist-herbalist to extract the active ingredients from plants and realize an infusion easily

For sheets:

  • Put in 200 ml of boiling water 1 tablespoon (15g) of red vine leaves.
  • Steep for 10 minutes the red vine leaves off the heat.
  • Strain and drink the tea hot or not after adding a little honey or natural syrup.

Prepare your herbal teas and herbal infusions with low mineral water. Medicinal herbal drinks usually work best on an empty stomach ..


If venous insufficiency: heavy legs, varicose veins, menopausal disorders, hemorrhoids, phlebitis, capillary fragility (bruises, petechiae), it is advised to drink 2-4 cups a day between meals.

Recommended associations with RED VINE LEAF CUT

Aigremoine (flowering tops), Lady's mantle (top), Bistort (underground section), Shepherd's purse (flowering part), Witch hazel (leaf), Holly (Small) (underground section), Sweet Clover (top), Blueberry (fruit ), Hazel (leaf), Ratanhia (root), Bramble (leaf), Purple Loosestrife (flowering tops), viburnum (stem bark).

Pharmacology RED VINE LEAF CUT

The red vine leaf contains anthocyanins, substances that confer the fall came a blood red color characteristic. Decreasing permeability and increasing capillary resistance, anthocyanosides have a great vitamin activity P.

The red wine has a angioprotectrice share (which helps to strengthen the resistance of blood capillaries), which is reinforced by the presence of tannins, astringent (which helps to tighten and firm the tissues) and vasoconstrictor (which help to narrow the blood vessels) for better venous return.

Red vine also acts favorably against cutaneous capillary fragility and its consequences that are rosacea, bruising, hemorrhoids.

Namely, among the tannins of the red vine, there are the proanthocyanidins, which now have a proven action against free radicals. The proanthocyanidins are also excellent stabilizers of collagen present in the membranes of the vessels.

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