Phytostandard SWEET CLOVER RED VINE 30 CPR Pileje



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Phytostandard SWEET CLOVER RED VINE 30 CPR Pileje

Food Supplement for Phytostandard ® and SWEET CLOVER RED VINE Laboratories Pileje contributes to improving the comfort of the legs.

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Phytostandard SWEET CLOVER RED VINE 30 CPR Pileje

The Phytostandards products are extracts from selected plants whose origin is traced.
They are obtained by a patented process that respects the integrity of the plant. These extracts are standardized and provide a constant and stable level of active principles.

Properties Phytostandard Mélilot Red Vine

The Phytostandard Sweet Clover - Red Vine is a dietary supplement containing extract of sweet clover and red wine which helps to improve the comfort of the legs.

The Sweet Clover: The flowering tops, rich in coumarins and coumarin derivatives, are traditionally used to soothe swollen legs in case of disorders of the venous circulation.

Vine Red: The red vine leaves contain pigments, anthocyanins, which are responsible for their venotonic properties: they reduce the discomfort of disorders of the venous circulation (heaviness, fatigue, tension, tingling).

Usage Phytostandard Mélilot Red Vine Tips

Take two tablets per day for 15 days to swallow, repeat if necessary.

Precautions of Phytostandard Mélilot Red Vine

Not recommended for pregnant and lactating women and children under 12 years.
This dietary supplement can not replace a varied, balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.
Excessive consumption may produce laxative effects.
A best before end and batch number mentioned on the underside of the case.
Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. Store in a cool, dry place. Keep out of reach of children.

Composition Phytostandard Mélilot Red Vine

Extracts of sweet clover (Melilotus officinalis L., flowering tops) and red grape (Vitis vinifera L. leaves) (support: acacia fiber) agents: microcrystalline cellulose and calcium phosphate carrier: croscarmellose sodium, anti-caking agents : magnesium stearate and silicon dioxide.

EPS or Standardized Extract fresh plants are obtained by "Phytostandard" extraction process that respects the integrity and completeness of the active principles present in the plant.

We suggest you prepare your EPS mixtures , according to the formulas recommended by your Naturopath.

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