Sapwood Linden Wild BIO Roussillon THE Gravelline 200 g

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Sapwood Linden Wild BIO Roussillon - LA Gravelline Package of 200 g

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Sapwood Linden Wild BIO Roussillon THE Gravelline 200 g

Discover the superior quality of real sapwood Linden Roussillon of the historic brand LA Gravelline.
1 pack = 10 days of treatment about.

Manual de l'Aubier Wild Lime

Put 3-4 sticks (30-40 grams) of sapwood of lime in a liter of cold water and bring to a boil.
Reduce over low heat for 15-20 minutes.
Filter if necessary.
Decoction thus obtained should be drunk within 24 hours, hot or cold, preferably between meals.

Our additional tips for using the Aubier Wild Lime

For better efficiency of the treatment, we suggest the following precautions:

- Always choose a low mineral water (less than 60 milligrams per liter dry residues).

- Accompany your daily hydration complementary glasses of water and a little lemon.

- Remove at least for the duration of the cure all foods that promote scaling uric waste (red meat, offal, game ...) and oxalic waste (sorrel, rhubarb, spinach, asparagus).

- Reduce or eliminate during those 20 days dairy products (especially those cooked dough) and drugs, especially those that may contain calcium

- Start if possible cure four days after the full moon in order to benefit the lunar phases that promote better blood fluidity (last quarter, new moon and first quarter)

Precautions with Aubier Wild Lime

The possible appearance of greasy stains on the bag is a normal phenomenon which is due to the presence of an excess of sap in the sapwood.
Store in a dry place away from moisture.

The history of the sapwood of the linden Gravelline

It was not until the early twentieth century, it was thought to use the part of the richest lime in active principles, the sapwood. Since then, the linden sapwood has been recognized for its formidable draining properties. Very powerful, it is both the three excretory organs: liver, kidney and intestines. This is also a good ally organimse it helps to adapt to the changing seasons.

It was only in 1916, by chance, a retired teacher, François Domenach was the first, the idea of treating his "gravel" (urolithiasis) preparing bark infusions wild lime. So far, the use of this tree for medicinal purposes was limited to the use of its bracts - Sully, famous finance minister of Henri IV, had even ordered to plant a lime tree in each village and keep the flowers to hospitals. Unknowingly, the teacher of Roussillon had discovered the sapwood of lime (it is located under the bark and is still called the living part of the tree as it is in the soft part that passes sap) is a more potent drainers of the body.

Since then, the linden sapwood has a good reputation. Anecdotally, Georges Brassens, Jean Giono, Jean Cocteau and Dr. Jean Valnet were accustomed to drink infusions of valuable bark.

The sapwood has a wide scope as it contributes to the functioning of all the excretory organs: liver, gallbladder, kidney and intestines. The sapwood is therefore useful when changing seasons since conducting a deep cleansing of the body. It can also complement a period of preparation for a diet. Rich in minerals and trace elements, it provides essential elements to clean without risking demineralization.
It would take too long to enumerate the many active ingredients contained in the sapwood of basswood. Their synergy effect of calling the liver condition by increasing its ability to filter waste and toxins in the blood. He also choleretic action, that is to say, it optimizes the regular secretion of bile, which is favorable to those whose digestion is slow and difficult. This is also true of dissolving uric acid which, when in excess, causes gout and renal calculi. Thus, gout can also consume.

Finally, it is a powerful ally to solve problems of water retention and erase cellulite.
The sapwood wild lime takes the form of decoction obtained by reducing three quarters 35-40 grams of sapwood sticks in one liter of water. The infusion obtained palatable and can be drunk hot or cold at any time of day. For the impatient, there is also the form of blisters.
It is obviously advisable to drink at least two to three liters of water per day to optimize the efficiency properties of the sapwood.

Since that day, without advertising, without fanfare, the Gravelline has pursued a remarkable career. As much to the surprise of its promoters, the sapwood wild lime should be effective in many conditions other than gravel. Powerful dissolving uric wonderful and draining bile and urinary acid, it is sovereign in the fight against the suffering caused by rheumatic diseases, gout, sciatica, lumbago, rheumatism, etc. ... But it also has the power to dissolve gallbladder stones, kidney or bladder and thereby causing their natural removal.
L'Aubier Linden is the soft part between the tree and the bark of which it is detached Terroir: Quality and Efficiency This is Aubier wild lime Roussillon, which since 1916 has led to research of François Domenach and many therapists who are interested. No other land, from any other, seems to express the same virtues and the same benefits.

This is why "The Gravelline" offers the sapwood of lime with very specific guarantees:

• Aubier wild lime Roussillon to the exclusion of any other origin.

• Harvest between 700 and 1100 meters.

• Harvest performed at the highest sap flow, guaranteeing maximum active ingredients.

• pure Aubier in which any part of the bark is gone; only the active part remains. These guarantees are those allowed to get Gravelline The term "organic".

The sapwood of basswood has long been known in pharmacy and herbalism, but the great merit of Mr Domenach would be the discovery of a particular species of wild lime and especially a "technical" regulating the harvest of the sapwood conditioning and specifically its therapeutic properties. There are also, in this case, no secret. This is wild limes growing in the Roussillon region between 800 and 900 meters, and have at least twenty years of age. Harvesting the sap must be made at two specific times of the year, when the sap flow. It is then detached from the bark and dried. The tree, of course, is sacrificed.
Only the sapwood collected under these conditions has therapeutic properties which Mr Domenach should be the first to test the effectiveness. Radically cured, he enjoy his entourage of his discovery and soon rheumatic, gouty, took the habit of coming regularly ask him to sap his harvest.

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