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INHALER Puressentiel CUP FAIM Puressentiel 1ML: The Puressentiel COUP FAIM Inhaler is ideal to facilitate a diet slimming: it can limit cravings during the day.

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Used for : régime minceur, coupe faim, grignotage, fringales

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INHALER Puressentiel CUTTING FAIM Puressentiel 1ML

Puressentiel Hunger Cup Inhaler 5 Essential Oils. 1ml

When dieting to lose weight , it is important not to give in to temptations ...

The Aromatherapy Laboratories put at your disposal the Puressentiel COUPE FAIM Inhalator, whose combination of Essential Oils with anti-snacking properties.

Properties of INHALATEUR Puressentiel COUPE FAIM

The Inhaler Puressentiel CUP FAIM contains 5 Essential Oils HEBBD:

  • Essential Oil of Bergamot,
  • Essential Oil of Ceylon Cinnamon,
  • Mandarin Essential Oil,
  • Essential Oil of Roman Chamomile,
  • and Essential Oil of Clove.

They all have properties that will limit cravings during a slimming diet.

Results with the INHALATEUR Puressentiel COUPE FAIM

The Puressentiel COUPE FAIM Inhaler is perfect for helping you as part of a diet to lose weight.

Tips for using INHALATEUR Puressentiel COUPE FAIM

Place the inhaler at the entrance of a nostril,
Plug the other nostril,
Inhale deeply 3 times in a row,
Proceed in the same way for the second nostril.
Use the inhaler as soon as you feel like snacking.

Precautions of INHALATEUR Puressentiel COUPE FAIM

Do not use in pregnant or lactating women.

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