Venous Blood Circulation and Homeopathy 

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Homeopathy for circulation: discover our new range of homeopathic medicines to effectively treat your circulation problems with homeopathy: hemorrhoids, heavy legs and varicose veins ...

The blood circulation is composed of a pump, the heart, which can propel the blood, and vessels (arteries, veins) in which the blood circulates. The blood circulation makes it possible to bring to the organs the oxygen and the main nutrients essential to their good functioning.
Venous blood rises from the legs to the heart. Venous insufficiency is characterized by a poor quality of venous return, resulting in venous blood pressure (referred to as "venous stasis") in the legs.
To promote better blood circulation and prevent the sensation of " heavy legs ", ankle swelling, night cramps or impatience , enjoy this selection of homeopathy for circulation .

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