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Discover in the online pharmacy the whole range of medicines in homeopathic granules from the French laboratory Rocal Lehning

It is a German doctor who laid the foundations of homeopathy from 1796. Homeopathic practice is officially recognized in France by the CNOM , since 1997. A significant number of doctors have adopted this alternative medicine, and the French still more, since just over half of the country's inhabitants use Rocal lehning homeopathy. offers a very wide choice of Lehning Rocal homeopathic granules and doses to fight against many symptoms on a daily basis (diarrhea, pain, etc.).

How are Rocal Lehning homeopathic granules prepared?

Dynamization dilution is the method of preparation of homeopathic remedies, which consists firstly in diluting the stem substance in a volume of liquid, generally of pharmaceutical alcohol quality, and this, several times depending on the desired dilution. Between each dilution, the mixture obtained must be stirred a hundred times; it is the succussion which aims to perfect the dilution . The dilution / succussion association is called dynamization .

Pharmaceutical companies use several preparation methods, here are the steps for making a Rocal Lehning homeopathic remedy from a plant strain:

  • The Hahnemanian centesimal dilution (CH), where the mother tincture is diluted in 99 times its volume of liquid, it is stirred, a solution is obtained at 1 CH (i.e. 1%), a drop of this solution is taken which l 'It is diluted in 99 times its volume of liquid, it is stirred, a 2 CH solution is obtained, and so on until the desired degree of homeopathic dilution is obtained.
  • Hahneman decimal dilution (DH), where the mother tincture is diluted in 9 times its volume of liquid, the rest of the process being the same; solutions titrated in DH are obtained. The first dilutions used by Samuel Hahnemann were decimals or DH
  • Korsakovian dilution : a single bottle is used for the preparation; instead of taking a hundredth or a tenth of the mother tincture, the contents of the container are discarded, we can consider that there remains approximately 1% of the solution. By refilling the container, the first 1K dilution is obtained. This method would make it possible to obtain remedies with a more global action than by Hahnemanian dilutions.

For substances insoluble in water, the principle of mixing in lactose is used, until a mixture soluble in a mixture of water and alcohol is obtained.

Is there a correspondence between the Rocal lehning Hahnemanian and Korsakovian dilutions?

The Hahnemanian (CH) and Hahnemanian (DH) centesimal distinction is essential for very low dynamizations.

From a therapeutic point of view, it is considered that beyond the seventh dynamic, CH are équivallents to DH.

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