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How to differentiate between the Hahnemannian and Korsakovian homeopathic dilution?

The K = Korsakovian homeopathic dilution technique was developed by Simeon Nicolaevitch Korsakoff.

With the K or Korsakovian dilution, you start from a mother tincture but instead of taking 1/10 th or 1/100 th of the product, you completely empty the bottle of mother tincture and you consider that the only substance that remains " hanging "on the walls of the bottle is sufficient to give the" energetic "information of the product. So you fill your bottle with solvent then you shake and you get the 1 K. To make the 2 K, just empty the bottle a second time, fill it again with solvent, you energize 100 times and you get the 3rd K. And so on by following this original homeopathic method.

As a result, the Rocal Korsakovian homeopathic dilutions are a little more global than the CH.

Correspondence table between the two dilutions:
The Korsakovian dilutions / The Hahnemannian dilutions
6K ~ 4 CH
30K ~ 5 CH
200 K ~ 7 CH
1.000 K ~ 9 HP
10,000 K ~ 15 HP
50,000 K ~ No match:
100,000 K ~ beyond 30 CH

The Rocal pharmaceutical laboratory specializing in homeopathic medicines is part of the Lehning group. He has developed a unique knowledge in the manufacture of granules and homeopathic oral solution:

  • Strict control of all raw materials: all plants are subject to rigorous selection, whether dry or fresh.
  • Rigorous compliance with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP): a specialized service ensures the qualitative analysis of each of the raw materials entering the laboratory and of each product leaving it.

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