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Buy Arnica montana pellets homeopathic BOIRON dilutions 4CH 5CH 7CH 9CH 12CH 15CH 30CH. Give your opinion on the advice of use, the effectiveness of the composition and the dosage after your purchase. Recommended for body aches and soreness , bruises, bruises, bruises

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Used for : douleurs, traumatisme bénin, contusions, coups, bosses

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ARNICA MONTANA in Boiron Homeopathic granule at dilutions 4CH, 5CH, 7CH, 9CH, 12CH, 15CH, 30CH

  • Registered drug: EH00012
  • Listed in the pharmacopoeia
  • Origin: Plant

In which cases to use homeopathic granules of Arnica Montana?

  • Physical trauma, stiffness (low dilution)
  • Moral shock (high dilution)
  • Hair fragility (medium dilution)
  • Surgical interventions (medium dilution)
  • Childbirth (facilitates labor, calms pain, promotes physical recovery ...)

Arnica montana is a perennial plant of the Compositae family. The petals are very rich in active ingredients: flavonoids, essential oils, coumarins, tannins and resins.

Its analgesic, anti-inflammatory, healing and circulatory properties are remarkable.

Taking Boiron Arnica montana 5CH 9CH 15CH 30CH Granules as a plant causes symptoms such as:
Muscle aches and pains
Bruises, "bruises", contusions
There is no sensitive type specific to Arnica montana. Symptoms are worsened by movement, touch and lessened by rest, especially lying down with head down

Main clinical indications and dosage of Arnica montana

  • All shocks , accidents, falls, sprains = take 1 dose of Arnica montana 9CH as soon as possible then 5 granules 9CH every hour and finally space the catches according to the improvements. The earlier the catch is in this type of trauma, the more effectively the pain and bruising will be reduced.
  • Inflammatory pain such as stiffness, tendonitis, acute rheumatism
  • Operative follow-up , after childbirth, or for any foreseeable trauma such as a sporting event = 3 days before, take 1 dose per day of Arnica montana 9CH then after the event or operation 5 granules at 9CH every hour for 12h then space out the catches while maintaining the treatment for a week.
  • Haemorrhages of small and medium abundance
  • Hoarseness of singers and speakers = 1 dose at 7 or 9CH from the first symptoms, then 5 granules at 9 CH every hour, spacing according to the improvements.
  • Fever with congested red face, chills, sharp thirst, foul breath, muscle pain, bruising.


  • the homeopathic medicine Baptisia treats fevers agitated with mental confusion but without bruising .
  • Rhus toxicodendron for fevers soothed by movement unlike Arnica.

Directions for use and instructions for use with Boiron Arnica montana granules

Remove the tab, invert the tube of Arnica montana 5CH 9CH 15CH 30CH and pull the cap slightly.
Twist the tube to drop the desired number of granules into the cap, then place the granules under the tongue.

It is advisable not to touch the homeopathic granules or globules with your fingers.

Packaging and capacity

Tube granules of Arnica montana translucent (allows to visualize the remaining granules). Each tube color corresponds to a dilution: yellow 4CH green 5CH red 7CH blue 9 CH water green 12CH orange 15CH mauve 30CH

Weight 4g. About 80 granules. Contains sucrarose.

Precaution for use with Arnica montana

Do not absorb astringent substances in the half hour before taking homeopathic medicines of Arnica montana 5CH 9CH 15CH 30CH such as coffee, tobacco, camphor, mint and chamomile.

Use a toothpaste without mint (such as Homéodent Boiron).


Keep homeopathic medicines from Arnica montana 9CH 15CH 30CH away from light, heat, humidity and all sources of emanation and perfumes.

Give homeopathic Arnica montana granules to babies and children

For Arnica montana granules or alcoholic drops, dissolve them in 100ml of water. The granules are very long to dissolve, it is necessary to prepare your mixture in advance.

Homeopathy and pregnancy

Homeopathic medicines from Arnica montana 5CH 9CH 15CH 30CH have no chemical toxicity, no contraindication, no interaction with other drugs, no adverse effect related to the amount of product ingested. Pregnant women can be treated with no known risk to themselves and their unborn child, but it is best to seek advice.

Frequency of homeopathy use

In acute conditions, it is advisable to take homeopathic remedies from Arnica montana in dilutions 4CH 5CH 7CH 9CH, every hour until symptoms improve. Therefore, it is necessary to space out the catches, 3 or 4 times a day, then gradually stop.
In chronic conditions, the remedies in low dilution of Arnica montana (12CH 15CH 30CH) are taken 1 to 2 times a day, the basic remedies are taken once a week, or even once a month. This decision is up to the homeopath.

Homeopathy and diabetes

  • 5 homeopathic granules provide 0.21 g of sucrose (1 / 40th of a lump of sugar).
  • 1 globule dose contains 0.85 g of sucrose (2 / 10th of a lump of sugar)
  • 5 homeopathic granules morning and evening are therefore of no consequence on blood sugar.

What to do if there is no improvement within 24 hours

Some pathologies cannot be treated with homeopathy by simple self-medication with Arnica montana 5CH 9CH 15CH 30CH. Their seriousness requires medical advice that can be issued by a homeopathic doctor. This doctor will decide whether your condition can be treated with homeopathy alone Arnica montana or if your treatment should be supplemented by allopathy.

Advice from your expert pharmacist

In homeopathy, more than ever, the treatment of the bruise or the hematoma must be done as quickly as possible after the fall or the blow to be effective. The reference homeopathic strain for treating bruises and bruises is Arnica montana . The faster the setting after the shock, the lower the dilution used should be. The ideal is to take a dose of Arnica montana 5 CH immediately after the shot. The relay is then done with the granules of Arnica montana 5 CH at the rate of 5 granules every quarter of an hour for the first hour then every hour and space according to the improvement.


Arnica montana is a homeopathic medicine for use in all conditions with a traumatic origin (limit bruising and pain due) in all aspects of muscle fatigue as well as in all diseases affecting capillaries and veins (c ' is a capillary protector). So think of Arnica montana whenever we find the following sensations: aches, bruises, muscle aches, or feeling that the bed is too hard.




This medication is primarily used as curative:

  • Trauma (shocks, falls, wounds, accidents of all kinds)

  • in case of bleeding small or medium importance,

  • pre-and post-operative care,

  • if pain after a previous trauma,

  • in case of muscle fatigue (heavy work, long walks, sport, ...)

  • in case of hoarseness caused by overuse of the vocal cords (case of singers, for example)

  • for muscle pain due to stressful situations (such as mourning for example) with the sensation of "being beaten"

  • in case of capillary fragility (varicose veins, hemorrhoids, bruises, conjunctival haemorrhage, ...)

  • Prevention of cardiovascular risk,

  • ophthalmology: the case of retinopathy, macular degeneration (AMD age-related)

  • in case of bleeding caused by medical devices.

It is also used as a preventive efforts at major muscle (sporting events, hiking, strenuous work, etc ...).




This homeopathic medicine is to be taken without food, tobacco, coffee or mint. Granules and doses are allowed to dissolve under the tongue.

In infants, these forms can be dissolved in a little water.

  • Trauma: Arnica montana 9 CH: 1 dose as soon as possible, then take 5 granules of Arnica montana 9CH every hour. Plugs are spaced with improvements. In these indications (stroke, shock, wound, small hemorrhages, ...), early taking Arnica montana is very effective in reducing bruising and pain.

  • In pre-and post-operative care or whenever the injury is foreseeable (surgery, sporting events, ...): Arnica montana 9 CH: 1 dose daily for 3 days before the surgery, then take Arnica montana 9 CH granules after surgery: 5 pellets every hour during the first half-day, then the space taken with the improvements over a period of 1 week.

  • In case of pain after a previous trauma: Arnica montana 15 CH: 5 granules morning and evening for 2 months, then 2 doses 15 CH per week for 2 months and then 1 dose 15 CH per week in the last 2 months.

  • In case of muscle fatigue or overwork of the vocal cords: Arnica montana 7 or 9 CH: 1 dose as soon as possible, then take 5 granules of Arnica montana 9 CH every hour. plugs are spaced with improvements.

  • If muscle pain with the sensation of "being beaten": Arnica montana 15 or 30 CH: 1 dose per day for 4-5 days.

  • In hemorrhoids, bruises, and conjunctival haemorrhage: Arnica montana 7 or 9 CH: 5 pellets every four hours, then the space taken with the improvements over a period of 1 week.

  • In case of painful varicose veins: Arnica montana CH 9: 5 granules per day for 6 months.

  • Prevention of cardiovascular risk, as well as retinopathy and AMD: Arnica montana 9 CH: 1 dose per week for 6 months. Arnica is presented here as a vascular protector.

  • In case of bleeding caused by medical devices (IUDs): Arnica montana 5 CH: 5 granules morning, afternoon and evening for one week. The treatment can be repeated if necessary to the next cycle.


This area of drug counseling and health in any way replace the diagnosis and the advice of a doctor or pharmacist. Updated information are strictly informative. It should in no way use this information for diagnostic purposes. We can not be held responsible for any misinterpretation of its content or the health of the reader, whether prior or subsequent to the consultation of the board cards.

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