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Discover our selection of homeopathic remedies for your pet or to naturally treat farm animals such as horses, cows or pigs.

Your pharmacy specializing in homeopathic veterinary medicines offers you homeopathic remedies Boiron , specialist in homeopathy since 1932. They are used to treat pets but also farm animals (cattle, sheep, goats, horses, pigs, rabbits and poultry ) organic farming

How to treat your pet with veterinary homeopathy

Pets, especially felines, are very receptive to these homeopathic medicines, to be used alone or in addition to conventional treatment. Homeopathy is used to treat common pathologies of pets, acute or chronic (such as allergies, heart failure, or rheumatism).

Can we treat animals by homeopathy?

For more than 150 years, homeopathy has been used to treat pets , breeding or competition animals, in particular racehorses . More and more breeders are using homeopathic treatments, in particular for the absence of residue in the body, one of the criteria which allows them to obtain the “ organic ” label. Homeopathy is an effective alternative medicine which treats animals without toxic effects or addiction.

How to choose homeopathy treatment for your pet

Homeopathic treatments can relieve many pathologies of your pet: Stress, trauma, itching, stress, vomiting ... homeopathy can also intervene as a complementary treatment.

Homeopathy is particularly used in the fields of dermatology (alopecia, eczema…), traumatology (lameness), neurology (epilepsy), reproduction, urology, respiratory and digestive disorders, etc… where it produces sometimes spectacular results.

Veterinary homeopathy for dogs, cats, cattle, goats and sheep

Discover our range of homeopathic veterinary medicines from the BOIRON laboratory for dogs, cats, horses, cattle, sheep, goats and pigs.

Homeopathy can help your pet to relieve many pathologies, whether they are physical or mental. Stress, trauma, itching, stress, vomiting ... it can also intervene as a complementary treatment. Discover the homeopathic remedies that will relieve your dog or your cat.

The remedies used in veterinary homeopathy can be based on plant products (eg chamomile, arnica, etc.), animals (squid ink, cobra venom, etc.), minerals (silica, calcium, etc.) and chemicals (hydrochloric acid, copper, etc.) .

The method of homeopathic veterinary remedies is based on 3 essential principles:

  • The patient : homeopathy does not treat diseases, it treats the patient, that is to say that we will take into account the animal in its entirety (the psyche, the physical and the antecedents) and not only symptoms.
  • The similarity : we will administer to the sick animal a substance which would cause the same symptom in a non-sick (healthy) animal, but which will have the effect of curing the patient.
  • Dilution : this involves using a toxic substance in an infinitesimal dose, it will then have the effect of healing and not causing symptoms. For example, the vomit nut is a fruit having the effect when ingested to induce vomiting, however after dilution and dosed at 5CH, the active principle Nux vomica will have an anti-emetic effect.

When you consult a homeopathic veterinarian, the consultation will be much longer than a conventional consultation, because it will have to take into account the animal, its behavior, its tastes ... and not be limited to the treatment of symptoms in order to prescribe dryness. of Homeopathy for dogs and cats the most suitable.

Ask your veterinarian or pharmacist for advice

The advantage of treating your animal with veterinary homeopathy is the absence of toxicity unlike conventional medicine which can cause harmful effects for your dog or cat. However, the treatment should be chosen and adapted by your veterinarian.

Even if homeopathic medicines are over-the-counter in pharmacies or at your veterinarian's, we advise you never to administer a homeopathic treatment to your animal without first consulting your pharmacist or veterinarian.

For more information, you can send us your request for advice via our secure form .

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