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Organic pharmacy specializing in natural veterinary care

The use of natural product to cure animals is today more and more widespread. If you are looking for drugs that contain only natural ingredients to treat your pet, you will find in your organic veterinary pharmacy various products that will meet your needs.

The Royal Canin Veterinary Diet range of kibbles and wet foods effectively support your pet's medical treatment.

You can also find in the medical food department, therapeutic kibbles developed in collaboration with veterinarians which contain all the nutrients and minerals that your dog or cat needs in a perfect alliance between flavor of food and effectiveness of their action.

Treat your Dog naturally with natural veterinary care adapted to his breed and morphology. Find a wide range of veterinary pharmaceutical products to effectively care for your pets.

Natural veterinary care for the well-being of your animal

Veterinary care to keep your companion in top shape for as long as possible, but also to take care of it when he is sick… because it is in the health of your animal . It is a question of satisfying his food needs and those relating to his health , but also of taking adequate hygiene and education measures . Animal welfare is one of the concerns of all those who have a certain empathy for animals.

Designed by veterinary phytotherapists, natural animal care products are not drugs. These are food supplements intended to reinforce the actions of traditional therapy and to relieve the pain or discomfort caused by aging and by biological imbalance.

With the help of these natural veterinary remedies , we can treat allergic dermatoses, digestive problems and hair loss in dogs and cats. The same is true of osteoarthritis, a disease that occurs with age and growth problems of large breeds. There are also phytotherapeutic products to fight against intestinal parasites of animals.

Ask your veterinarian or pharmacist for advice

The advantage of treating your pet with veterinary homeopathy is the absence of toxicity unlike conventional medicine which can cause harmful effects for your dog or cat. However, the treatment must be chosen and adapted by your veterinarian.

Even if homeopathic medicines are sold over the counter in pharmacies or your veterinarian, we advise you never to administer homeopathic treatment to your animal without first consulting your pharmacist or veterinarian.

For more information, you can send us your request for advice via our secure form .

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