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Dog Cat Ear Care: Find the best quality veterinary products at the best price for your pet. natural products for the welfare of animals.

The ears of dogs are organs to watch closely.
Ear cleaning is like brushing your teeth! It's not because we do not like it that we can dispense with it! To keep hearing fine, there are not thirty-six ways: you have to take care of it!
The accumulation of cerumen in a warm and humid environment, associated with poor aeration promotes maceration and can cause otitis and various infections.
The purpose of ear maintenance is primarily the prevention of infections. In the ears with falling ears, the flag permanently covers the orifice of the conduit and aggravates the problems of aeration. Similarly, in some small breeds (poodles, bichons, shih-tzu) hairs grow inside the ear canal.
Treat your dog's ears with a dog ear cleaner that meets the needs of your pet. Find all the best products for the well-being of your dog.

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