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Veterinary pharmacy specializing in natural care for farm animals

Homeopathic treatments and medicines for farm animals . Caring with plants, what could be more natural? Discover a selection of natural veterinary remedies for your farm animals such as horses, cows or pigs.

Today essential oils extracted from plants are increasingly used in animal husbandry, either for therapeutic purposes or as a dietary supplement, to strengthen the immune defenses of animals or reduce stress.

Our veterinary drugs intended for farm animals are characterized by an absence of waiting time and residue.

Natural care for farm animals

Lavender essential oil as a dewormer, eucalyptus for respiratory problems, ravinsara to boost a weak calf ... More and more breeders are turning to natural medicines for animals breeding , preventively or curatively. This method is one of the medicines that should be favored in organic farming as an alternative to synthetic chemical allopathic products.

Alternative medicine recognized for humans, veterinary homeopathy from the Boiron laboratory is also effective for animals. It is used in veterinary medicine and in the equine (horse, mare, foal), cattle (cow, beef), sheep (sheep), goat (goat, goat), pig (pig) and rabbit and poultry sectors.

Ask your veterinarian or pharmacist for advice

Herbal specialties are often classified in the category of food supplements. But as soon as a herbal substance is the subject of a therapeutic claim, whether written or oral, it passes into the category of veterinary medicinal product , which requires a marketing authorization (MA) ). In addition, self-medication is prohibited in breeding. The use of plants by breeders for therapeutic purposes (preventive or curative), "capable of curing or relieving disease", is therefore illegal without a veterinary prescription.

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