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Veterinary phytotherapy in organic pharmacy

Animals, when left to their own devices in the wild, do not hesitate to go and self-medicate in natural pharmacies such as fields, forests or thickets. This is how we discovered the medicinal properties of several plants. Historically, men have used plants to care for themselves, and to care for animals. Abandoned in the last century in favor of so-called allopathic medicines (which however come from most plants), the alternative pharmacopoeia is experiencing a new boom, it takes its place within our pharmacopoeia to treat our companions.

Veterinary phytotherapy is the art of caring for animals with plants. As with humans, it is important to respect the recommendations of health experts (pharmacists and veterinarians) and to adapt natural treatments to each animal.

The practice of alternative methods of caring for animals by pet owners (dogs, cats, rabbits and other NACs), and breeders or farmers continue to grow. Veterinary medicine is evolving and soft or natural methods are increasingly recognized by the scientific community. They make it possible to meet consumers' expectations and limit the use of antibiotics on farms, treatments which are very expensive, moreover. Alternative methods also have the great advantage of emphasizing prevention and knowledge of animals .

How to choose your phytotherapeutic remedy for your pet

Herbal medicine corresponds to the use of plants to heal. The active ingredients that are found today in some conventional medicines are the same as those found naturally in certain plants to care for our pets. It is indicated to use harpagophytum to treat joint problems or food supplements based on Valerian to treat stress in our dogs and cats.

If your pet is scratching, for example, or has dry skin, you can apply a soothing aloe vera shampoo with soothing and healing properties.

Ask your veterinarian or pharmacist for advice

Even if the veterinary phytotherapy food supplements are sold over the counter in pharmacies or at your veterinarian, we advise you never to administer phytotherapeutic treatment to your animal without first consulting your pharmacist or veterinarian. For further information, you can send us your request for advice via our secure form .

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