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Anti-flea pipettes for cats

The application of an antiparasitic pipette in the cat (spot-on cat) will be done at the level of the shoulder blades so that it cannot lick the area.

Benefitsof pipettes against fleas and ticks

  • Effective
  • Easy to apply.
  • Protects against several parasites.
  • Certain antiparasitic pipettes have a curative and also preventive action on the environment.

Spot-on anti-flea pipettes for dogs

The pipette form is surely the most well-known form of anti-fleas . Like necklaces , there are insecticide pipettes and other insect repellants, the latter are more used in prevention rather than in fight during an infestation.

For these anti fleas to be effective, it is imperative that all of their content is deposited on the skin of the animal it is often proposed to empty the liquid between the two shoulder blades to avoid licking. The active ingredients migrate thanks to the lipid film of the skin: the sebum.

They must therefore be put in place at least 48 hours after shampooing, otherwise the product will be ineffective. This form of antiparasitic in most cases requires a renewal every month.

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Natural dog cat flea pipette in your online veterinary pharmacy

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