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At any age, your pets can suffer from joint and mobility problems. Indeed, this can appear during the growth of your puppy (too rapid construction of the frame), because of an accident or a fall (poorly repaired fracture) or even because of the advanced age of your pet (rheumatism, muscle pain). To limit the brakes on your companion's mobility, Chiens et Chats Naturellement has selected natural products for you that will provide rapid relief and avoid joint and mobility problems. These dietary supplements promote the growth of cartilage, enrich the bones with calcium and strengthen the joints.

What is osteoarthritis in dogs?

Osteoarthritis is manifested in dogs by a degradation of the cartilage or of several joints: hip, elbow, knee.

This degradation is done in a progressive and irreversible way regularly causing pain which will be more important as the pathology progresses.

Even if osteoarthritis affects about 20% of dogs today, it is a real disease that should not be taken lightly. Indeed, osteoarthritis in a dog or cat can, over time, significantly reduce your pet's mobility .

As in humans, animals age and are then more easily affected by osteoarthritis. Indeed, it is a pathology that appears mainly in our elderly animals with the natural phenomenon of aging.

However, even if osteoarthritis occurs more in older animals, it is a disease that can appear at any age.

How do I choose a joint supplement for dogs?

It's important to take care of our dogs' joint health, especially as they get older. Joint problems can cause pain , stiffness , and decreased physical activity , which can affect your pet's quality of life. Using a joint supplement can help prevent or relieve these problems. However, it is important to choose a quality supplement that is right for your dog.

The first step in choosing a joint supplement for your dog is to consult your veterinarian . It can help you identify if your dog has joint problems and determine what type of supplement will be best for your pet. It can also tell you if the supplement you are considering using is safe for your dog and if it is compatible with other medications or supplements your dog is already taking.

Once you've consulted with your veterinarian, it's important to look into the ingredients and active ingredients in the joint supplement . Ingredients most commonly used for joints include glucosamine , chondroitin , MSM , vitamin C , and vitamin E. Glucosamine is an amino acid that is naturally produced by the body and can help build and repair cartilage. Chondroitin is another substance that can help protect cartilage from damage. MSM is a mineral that can help relieve pain and inflammation. Vitamin C and vitamin E are antioxidants that can help protect joints from damage caused by free radicals.

It's also important to choose a supplement that's appropriate for your dog's height and weight . Joint supplements are usually available in capsules or powder. Capsules may be easier to administer, but powders may be more effective because they can be mixed with food or drink. It is also important to choose a supplement that is appropriate for your dog's age . Puppies generally have different needs than adult or senior dogs.

Find the best quality veterinary products at the best price for your pet. natural products for animal welfare . Your cat, dog, horse, cow or pig will be pampered by our selection of hygiene and care products adapted to the comfort, health and well-being of your four-legged friends. From effective pest control based on natural products to more classic products.

We like to see them in great shape and bursting with energy . These animals especially love to walk, play and hop. But when our dog friends get older, they often suffer from pain . Dogs of all ages can suffer from osteoarthritis or joint pain . It can be of genetic, accidental or degenerative origin. Respond by supporting joint metabolism at the first physical signs. Relieve your dog's joints with food supplements to regain tone .

Discover our new range of veterinary products to effectively treat your dog's joint disorders .

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