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Puppies, even if they are located in a pristine environment, are often contaminated with worms . Even though it seems benign, dog worms can transmit many diseases, and symptoms such as diarrhea, weight loss, bleeding disorders or low immunity ... which is why it is necessary deworm the puppies , from the start of their life, with suitable products.

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Why should my puppy deworm?

It is important to deworm your puppy to protect it from intestinal worms. It also helps protect those around you in your family from contamination from these parasites.

Contamination by roundworms can be done through the puppy's mother: if she is a carrier of this type of parasite. The larvae of this parasite move around the organism of the parasitized animal. During breastfeeding, roundworm larvae can find their way into the udders and be ingested by young puppies.

Contamination from the environment: Roundworm eggs are very resistant in the external environment and contaminate puppies if they are not promptly treated.

It is important to deworm your puppy to protect the health of the animal but also that of humans who share the same environment as their little companion. These worms are just as dangerous for human health, and even more so for children.

The different worms that parasitize your puppy

There are two types of worms that can parasitize your puppy's colon or small intestine:

  • Nematodes : round worms that have more or less the shape of a spaghetti (whipworms, hookworms, and roundworms).
  • Cestodes : whitish and flat worms with the shape of a ribbon (example: tapeworms which can reach a length of more than 80 cm).

How to tell if your puppy has worms?

To find out if your puppy has worms you should:

  • Checking if your dog's stools are normal
  • If he doesn't rub his backside
  • If his diet weight ratio is good

How often to deworm your puppy?

The frequency of deworming the puppy is higher than for an adult dog because its immune system is weaker.

We recommend deworming puppies:

  • The first time 15 days after the puppy is born
  • Then every 2 weeks up to 2 months
  • Then deworm once a month from 2 months to 6 months
  • After 6 months, we base ourselves on the deworming protocol of the adult dog because the puppy is less fragile

It is recommended that your puppy be dewormed on an empty stomach, as the dewormer can give him diarrhea. If the puppy is already infected, the worms will release toxic substances which will cause diarrhea.

How to give your puppy dewormer

The deworming tablets for your puppy are easy to incorporate into the food.

When your puppy has worms, consider combining an effective natural flea treatment for your dog, these parasites transmit worms (Dipylidium).

Hygiene procedures to respect with your puppy

The entourage of the puppy parasitized by intestinal worms must take care to perform basic hygiene procedures several times a day.

  • Wash your hands after petting the puppy,
  • Do not allow the dog to lick humans (adults and children),
  • When picking up the puppy's poop, you must wear gloves and use a specific box.
  • Clean all areas of passage of the animal,
  • Frequently change the laundry of all family members.

Care should be taken when the dog is allowed to climb onto the armchairs and chairs in the house. You must then use a disinfectant suitable for this type of furniture.

Where to buy your puppy dewormer?

You can find dewormers without a prescription in pet stores or on online stores, but we do not recommend this way. Indeed your puppy deserves the best and our veterinary pharmacists are there to advise you according to your needs. There are many placebo products without effective active ingredients or with an incomplete spectrum of action.

In addition, your online bio pharmacy specializes in natural remedies. Unlike chemical puppy dewormers which cause worms to implode (no trace in the worms' stool) and produce toxic residues, vetobiol natural deworming tablets for puppies ensure the detachment of intestinal parasites and their direct elimination in the stool.

IMPORTANT: A dewormer is a medicine. Veterinarian or your consulting pharmacist can prescribe the most suitable product for your animal, depending on its age, lifestyle and state of health. Ask your vet to work out your puppy's deworming plan with you.

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