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The Boiron laboratory is one of the world leaders in homeopathy . Founded in 1932 by Dr. Boiron , this family business based in France aims to promote the benefits of homeopathy by offering a full range of quality products.

Homeopathy is an alternative therapeutic method based on the principle of " similarity of symptoms ". It consists of using very diluted substances to relieve the symptoms of various diseases. The Boiron laboratory uses natural ingredients and respects strict standards to guarantee the quality and effectiveness of its products.

Boiron is also a major player in promoting homeopathy to the general public. He regularly organizes conferences, workshops and seminars to inform people about the benefits of homeopathy and the different products available. It is also present at health shows and fairs to present its products and answer consumer questions.

In addition to its commitments to quality and research, the Boiron laboratory is also a committed employer. It encourages employees to participate in social and environmental initiatives to improve the quality of life of people in the communities where they operate.

In short, the Boiron laboratory is a major player in homeopathy, offering quality products, investing in research and promoting homeopathy to the general public . He is also a committed employer, and is concerned about environmental issues.

Homeopathy Boiron - Unda - Dolisos, natural remedies at low prices available in our online pharmacy, specialist in alternative medicine.

Order online all homeopathic treatments from the Boiron Unda Dolisos laboratory. Specialist in the manufacture of homeopathic medicines, the French Laboratory Boiron has acquired unique know-how in the production of homeopathic medicines, the fruit of more than half a century of experience and innovation in pharmacy.

Based on the strengths of homeopathy, BOIRON complex homeopathic medicines provide simple, effective, quick and easily accessible solutions, available only in pharmacies, with the advice of pharmacists, natural health experts.

The Boiron laboratory is also recognized for its commitment to research and development. He has invested in scientific studies to validate the benefits of homeopathy and substantiate the principles on which it is based. These studies have demonstrated the effectiveness of homeopathy in the treatment of certain diseases, such as allergies, headaches, sleep disorders and even joint pain.

The Boiron laboratory is also known for its innovative products . They have developed a range of water-based homeopathic granules, homeopathic drops for children and even homeopathic tablets to dissolve under the tongue, making it easier to administer medication to the elderly or children.

All advice related to the use of homeopathy is mainly inspired by the book " Homeopathy from A to Z " by Dr Jean-Louis Masson, Marabout edition, 2003. The advice you find on this page is the result of the research of our pharmacists through medical books and do not depend on Boiron laboratories. In addition, these tips do not in any way replace the advice of your homeopathic doctor . They cannot replace a medical consultation. You should also never interrupt a treatment in progress, nor modify the dosages yourself.

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