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Order Homeopathic Remedies for Influenza in Prevention and Treatment

Influenza is a condition that is not necessarily due to the influenza virus but also to other viral viruses particularly virulent during the autumn and winter . Like all viruses, they spread very easily. A simple contact with a "contaminated" object or hand, for example, may be sufficient to transmit the virus. Similarly, the saliva, nasal secretions of a sick person are very rich in viruses. It is enough that it spits or sneezes in the vicinity of another person so that this one potentially can be infected.

Influenza generally occurs during the change of season as winter approaches, it is a large cold of mainly viral origin (para-influenza virus, adenovirus or coronavirus).

Influenza-like symptoms are strongly similar to those of influenza or other acute viral infectious diseases:

  • runny nose or stuffy nose (nasal congestion),
  • slight feeling of fever and chills, accompanied by physical fatigue,
  • sneezing, sore throat,
  • headache, headache,
  • slight muscle soreness and muscle pain.

Although the effects felt are more marked than for a cold, they are less so than for a true flu and usually last only a few days . Some natural means are however very effective to reduce the symptoms related to the flu state. Discover our new range of homeopathic medicines to prevent or effectively treat your flu problems or more generally those of flu. On sale in our online bio pharmacy. Easy and secure delivery.

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