Influenza and homeopathy 

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What are the symptoms of the flu?

The flu state is an illness which is not necessarily due to the influenza virus but also to other respiratory viruses which are particularly virulent during the autumn and winter period . Like all viruses, they are very easily spread. Simple contact with a “contaminated” object or hand, for example, can be enough to transmit the virus. Likewise, the saliva and nasal secretions of a sick person are very rich in viruses. It is enough therefore that it sputters or sneezes near another person so that this one could potentially be infected.

The flu state generally occurs during the change of season at the approach of winter, it is a serious cold of mainly viral origin (para influenza virus, adenovirus or coronavirus).

Symptoms of influenza are very similar to those of influenza or other acute viral infectious diseases:

  • Runny or stuffy nose (nasal congestion),
  • Slight sensation of fever and chills, accompanied by physical fatigue,
  • Sneezing, throat pain,
  • Headache, headache,
  • Muscle aches and pains.

Although the effects felt are stronger than with a cold, they are less severe than with a real flu and usually only last a few days . Certain natural means are however very effective in reducing the symptoms linked to the flu state.

What homeopathic treatments to prevent the flu?

To prevent you from influenza throughout the winter, we recommend INFLUENZINUM 30 CH ; 3 granules once a week.

If someone around you has the flu and you want prevention, you can take one dose of Oscillococcinum per week.

What homeopathic treatments to treat the flu?

  • L52 Etat Flu Boiron is a homeopathic medicine used in flu-like conditions, feverish aches, non-productive coughs and post-influenza asthenia.

  • Infludo Weleda is a homeopathic medicine in oral solution traditionally used in the flu state, from the first stage until the disappearance of symptoms such as: inflammation of the ENT mucous membranes, headache (headache), myalgia (muscle pain).

  • Oscillococcinum, 1 dose 3 times a day for two days from the first flu symptoms.

  • If you have a fever

You can take 3 granules, three times a day of one or more of the strains mentioned, depending on your symptoms:

→ With chilliness: NUX VOMICA 9 CH

→ Predominantly nocturnal: MERCURIS SOLUBILIS 9 CH

→ With perspiration: BELADONNA 9 CH

  • If you suffer from muscle aches

In case of aches linked to fever, you can take PYROGENIUM 9 CH and RHUS TOXICODENDRON 3 granules of each three times a day.

  • If you suffer from cough and sore throat

→ Take BRYONIA in case of progressive, moderate fever, feeling of dryness, thirst, pain in the trachea or bronchi, painful cough.

→ Take FERRUM PHOSPHORICUM in case of moderate fever, inflammation of the eardrums or bronchi, dry and painful cough.

→ Take HEPAR SULFUR in case of sudden high fever, sharp pain in the throat or larynx.

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