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More than 40% of the French population are treated mainly or at least occasionally by homeopathy, and around 25% of general practitioners in France use the homeopathic method.

Discover our new range of homeopathic medicines to effectively treat your stress problems with homeopathy.

Homeopathy for stress, anxieties and anxiety

You jump at the slightest sound, you bite your nails constantly without even realizing it, your leg is constantly moving… You are simply stressed !
Homeopathic treatments are particularly suitable as anti-stress , whether punctual or chronic, since they are particularly gentle and do not cause side effects .
Homeopathy works on both counts. It offers a basic treatment, which treats our reaction mode in order to find harmony and a crisis treatment, adapted more punctually, to a situation and to the symptoms it causes.

Anxiety presents itself in many facets which depend on the lifestyle of each individual, but also on his immediate entourage and sometimes even on his age and social status. Anxiety can be impulsive, when it manifests itself as a result of psychological pressure, or hypochondriac when the patient learns that he is ill and believes he is condemned. Children are also anxious and often this phenomenon is reflected in excessive shyness. Other people become anxious after going through a difficult time such as a separation or death. Anxiety may not manifest itself during the day but only during sleep, so much so that the person has nightmarish nights and wakes up in a very noticeable state of fatigue and distress. However, there is a homeopathic remedy that can treat each of these forms of anxiety, hence the need to consult a homeopath so that he can establish the appropriate treatment.

Distinguish good stress from bad stress

In 2017, a survey conducted by Opinion Way for La Fondation Générale Ramsay pour la Santé revealed that 89% of French people were stressed, women being more affected than men (68% against 38%). However, good stress, this survival reaction inherited from our primitive ancestors, allows us to face challenges and alert us to dangers. " It is a phenomenon of normal adaptation to a life event, " says Dr. Vachette. We can therefore be stressed before a job interview, a date or an exam ”. And then there is bad stress, the one that results in oppression or palpitations, which can generate sleep disorders. This one can be dangerous " because when you are totally overwhelmed, you can end up with burn-out ". To avoid developing more serious pathologies, homeopathy remains a risk-free alternative, without any side effects and without risk of addiction.

(Source: https://www.boiron.fr/ma-sante-au-quotidien/peut-apaiser-son-stress-avec-lhomeopathie )

How to fight against exam stress with homeopathy

Baccalaureate, college certificate, final validation exam, thesis defense, there is something for all ages! More or less well experienced depending on the individual, these ordeals are often synonymous with stress, even anxiety or anguish.

It is possible to better understand your exams using natural methods. There are solutions in natural medicine to support the body and the brain and handle challenges in good shape and with confidence.

Anxiety would play a role on memory by mobilizing part of people's attentional resources. Indeed, people suffering from anxiety must process both relevant information and that related to anxiety, which leads to a greater attentional effort. Thus, anxious subjects have a performance deficit when the tests contain a large amount of information . This is, for example, the case with very anxious students confronted with an exam situation.

Which homeopathic medicine to choose against stress

Depending on the stressful situation you find yourself in, you must choose a homeopathic remedy adapted to your situation according to your physical symptoms (migraines, back pain or insomnia) and your psychology according to the origin of your stress.

Homeopathic anti stress remedy:

  • Passiflora compound : 3 gr 3 / d
  • PC sedative or Anxietum: for nervousness. 1 tablet to suck 4 to 5 times a day.
  • Zenalia : for stage fright just before an exam or an interview
  • Calmodren : this homeopathic medicine, composed of hawthorn, passionflower and valerian is traditionally used in neurovegetative dystonias (palpitations, irritability, emotivity) and in minor sleep disorders. Suck 3 granules 3 times a day
  • Stressdoron : 15 drops three times a day to dilute in a little water and keep in the mouth for a few moments before swallowing. Also interesting in case of anxiety to prepare for an exam.

Specific homeopathic treatments

  • Ignatia 9CH , 3 gr 2 / d if lump in the throat, physical and verbal agitation, trembles at the slightest movement, palpitations, hysterical, on the verge of tears, hiccups. Sighs.
  • Argentum nitricum 9CH , so anxious and restless, afraid of crowds, dark and closed places, impatient, diarrhea.
  • Gelsemium 9CH : if limb tremor, emotional diarrhea, sagging legs, paralyzed by stage fright
  • Pulsatilla 9CH : if hyperemotional, blushes easily, feeling of abandonment but quickly consoled
  • Aconite 9CH if terror to the point of feeling imminent death
  • Arsenicum album 9CH : Exhausted or elderly subject in which depression and agitation alternate. Sure to be incurable, refusing any medication, uncomfortable, cannot stand loneliness, need to be reassured at all times.
  • Phosphorus : sensitive and nervous temperament, anxiety at dusk or at certain noises.
  • Ambra grisea 9CH an extremely shy person, hypersensitive to everything, who loses all his means in front of others and is afraid to undertake.
  • Silicea 9CH : tired and chilly by nature, sweating hands and feet. Chronically anxious convinced that he will fail in everything he does, lacks confidence but encouragement allows him to succeed
  • Natrum mur 9CH is suitable for the consequences of serious or prolonged emotional stress (sentimental disappointment, moving, etc.) in an uncommunicative person, often a teenager. Person withdrawn into himself, sad and constantly “brooding”. The state of fatigue is accompanied by weight loss. Crying is made worse by attempts at consolation.
  • Sepia 9CH : Rather, it is a woman who loses her footing as a result of repeated annoyances, postpartum depression or menopause. She sees everything in black, dresses in black.
  • Arnica montana 9CH in case of sudden emotional shock

Anxiety attacks

Aconite 30CH 5 granules, 5 granules to be renewed 10 minutes later if necessary. A basic treatment prescribed by a homeopath is essential if anxiety attacks are frequent.

If anxiety near an exam

If oral examination; to avoid a broken or derailed voice: Arnica montana 9CH 5 granules before and after.

(Source: https://blog.soin-et-nature.com/fr/traitement-naturel-anxiete-stress/)

Do not hesitate to consult your homeopathic medicine for more information on the diagnosis and the prescription of the appropriate anti-stress hoemopathic remedy.

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