ARGENTUM NITRICUM 5C 4C 12C 15C 30C 7C 9C homeopathic pellets Boiron

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ARGENTUM NITRICUM 5C 4C 12C 15C 30C 7C 9C homeopathic pellets Boiron

Indicated primarily to relieve pain accompanying rules Argenticum is a drug also recommended for treating disorders of urination in urology.

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Registered drug: EH00011
Joined to the pharmacopoeia
Origin: Summary

The Arg is a homeopathic medicine made from silver nitrate (AgNO3). It is a homeopathic remedy used in cases of unwanted phenomena related to stress, advocated to alleviate specific symptoms and improve the immune system of the patient.

Properties Arg

Homeopathic remedy made from silver nitrate.
This material is chemically synthesized in the laboratory.
Diluted and proposed form of granules, it is used in homeopathy to relieve and treat many diseases.
Arg is made from the silver nitrate powder, to whiCare added the excipients.
Note that the product is presented in several dilution levels.

Indications and Dosage of Arg

The treatment of digestive disorders requires taking Arg 9 Ch. Treatment of the disease requires 5 granules.
Depending on the nature of the condition, the treatment can last between one and three months.
For aérogastrie, care can last more than two weeks and must stop when the patient's condition improves.
In infants with green stools, administer 5 granules for 3 days after the stool.
In Orl, it is recommended to take 5 granules to a 3-hour interval.
It is possible to space out when the patient's condition improves. Urinary and gynecological disorders require taking Arg from 9 to 30 Ch, at 5 granules over a relatively long period of up to 3 months.

Tips for using Arg and instructions

Treat behavioral disorders
Arg is a homeopathic remedy indicated primarily to subjects with behavioral disorders.
A subject that is disordered must consume Arg. The subject is often very nervous and is looking forward in cool weather.

A person with mental disorders suffer from phobias public places and crowds. He also afraid of loneliness and vast spaces.
Cure digestive disorders
People with digestive disorders require treatment with Argenticum nitricum. In the stomach, these disorders are manifested by bloating, flatulence, belching and bloating.
Tend to eat quickly, the subject suffers from severe pain in the stomaCor gastric ulcer. He tries to eat sweets that aggravate the condition.
Diarrhea occur after drinking or eating as well as irritable bowel syndrome require treatment with Arg. Green stool, whiCcan be accompanied by phlegm, whiCare commonly observed symptoms in infants require treatment with Argenticum nitricum.
Indications in ophthalmology and Orl
Arg is mainly indicated cure ENT, including patients with conjunctivitis, keratitis, blepharitis and of ulceration
Indications in gynecology and urology
The application of Argenticum is quite extensive in gynecology.
Indicated mainly to relieve pain accompanying rules Argenticum is a drug called to treat ulcers observed in the cervix. Treatment is recommended for women with bloody losses.

Urology, Arg is used for the relief of disorders caused by urination.

Argentum nit conditioning and content

Tube translucent granules (used to display the remaining granules).
EaCtube of color corresponds dilution
4CH 5CH yellow green blue red 7 CH 9 CH 12Csea green orange purple 15CH 30CH

Weight 4g. About 80 pellets.

Use caution to Arg


Contains sacchararose.

Keep homeopathic medicines away from light, heat, moisture and any source of emanation and perfumes.

Leave homeopathic granules Arg babies and children

For pellets or alcoholic drops dissolve in 100ml of water. The granules are very slow to dissolve, it is necessary to prepare in advance your mix.

Homeopathy and Pregnancy

Homeopathic medicines Arg have no chemical toxicity or against indication or interaction with other medications or adverse effect related to the amount of product ingérée.Les pregnant women can be treated without known risk for them and their future child, but it is best to seek advice.

Frequency of use of homeopathy

In acute conditions, it is advisable to take homeopathic remedies every hour until improvement of symptoms. Therefore, it is necessary to space out, 3 or 4 times daily, then gradually stop.
In chronic diseases, low dilution remedies (> to 9CH) are taken 1-2 times a day, background remedies are taken 1 time per week or 1 time per month. This decision is up to the homeopath.

What to do in no improvement within 24 hours

Some diseases can not be treated by homeopathy simply by self-medication. Severity requires medical advice can be delivered by a homeopathic doctor. The doctor will decide when your condition can be cured by homeopathy alone or if your treatment should be supplemented with allopathy.


In the absence of rapid improvement, it is recommended to consult your doctor.


Argentum nit is a strain mainly indicated:

  • in case of aérogastrie (resulting in the presence of gas in the stomach) often painful, can cause the person to belch;

  • in the treatment of peptic ulcers;

  • in case of diarrhea, green, associated with gas (especially in lean and restless infants) and sometimes accompanied by a program of blood;

  • in case of pharyngitis characterized by the sensation of a splinter stuck in the throat;

  • in case of laryngitis (with feeling thorn in the throat) especially for speakers or singers;

  • in case of the presence of conjunctivitis with pus yellow;

  • in case of stage fright, caused by an anticipation of events. The individual will then be agitated, prone to loose stools caused by emotions, and is reached from sleep disorders;

  • in cases of urinary disorders characterized by yellow, irritating and painful flow with the sensation of a splinter.


This homeopathic remedy is to take without food, tobacco, coffee or mint. Granules and doses are allowed to dissolve under the tongue. In infants, these forms can be dissolved in a little water.

  • In case of aérogastrie: Argentum nit 9 CH: 5 granules to be taken when discomfort. The treatment can be continued 15 days.

  • In the treatment of peptic ulcers: Argentum nit 9 CH: 5 granules to be taken when discomfort for 1 to 3 months.

  • Infant diarrhea in green: Argentum nit 9 CH: take 5 granules after stool 3 days.

  • In pharyngitis (with a sense of thorn in the throat): Argentum nit 9 CH: 5 granules to take every 3 hours between doses and with the improvement. Treatment for 1 week.

  • In laryngitis singer (with sensation of splinter): Argentum nit 7 CH: 5 granules to be taken morning and evening for three months. In the absence of sensation splinter stuck in the throat, instead use Argentum metallicum 5CH: 5 granules to take morning and evening for three months.

  • In case of conjunctivitis (with yellowish pus): Argentum nit 9 CH: 5 granules to take every 3 hours between doses and with the improvement. Treatment for 1 week.

  • In case of stage fright in anticipation: Argentum nit 30 CH: 1 dose per week for 3 months. If necessary, supplemented by 5 granules of Argentum nit 30 CH felt at the time of the tractor.

  • In case of urinary disorders: Argentum nit 7 or 9 CH: 5 granules to take morning and evening for three months.

This area of drug counseling and health in any way replace the diagnosis and the advice of a doctor or pharmacist. Updated information are strictly informative. It should in no way use this information for diagnostic purposes. We can not be held responsible for any misinterpretation of its content or the health of the reader, whether prior or subsequent to the consultation of the board cards.

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