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Dulcamara 4CH, 5CH, 7CH, 9CH, 15CH, 30CH Granules homeopathy Boiron, medicine on sale to treat you naturally in approved online pharmacies. Dosage to fight against nasopharyngitis, colds, diarrhea, itching, joint pain, wart

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Used for : cold, wart, diarrhea, nasopharyngitis, joint pain, itch

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Dulcamara 4CH, 5CH, 7CH, 9CH, 15CH, 30CH Boiron Homeopathy Granules

Registered medicine: EH00534
Origin: Plant

Dulcamara, an effective remedy to treat pathologies caused by cold and humidity

Indicated in the treatment of various diseases caused by cold and humidity, Dulcamara has many therapeutic virtues. However, it is prescribed based on symptoms.

Origin and Preparation of Dulcamara, the Homeopathic Remedy

Dulcamara is a homeopathic medicine obtained from the bittersweet vine, Solanum dulcamara , belonging to the family Solanaceae. Its mother tincture is made from young stems, leaves and flowers macerated.

Thanks to its therapeutic properties, it is indicated to treat various ailments. In dermatology, for example, it is used in case of warts and itchy skin. In rheumatology, it is recommended to relieve pain in the joints, but it is also used in ENT, mainly in certain cases of nasopharyngitis. In gastroenterology, it is effective against diarrhea caused by exposure to cold and humidity.

Therapeutic Uses of Dulcamara

Dulcamara is frequently used to treat a variety of conditions, including:

  • Nasopharyngitis : Occurring after exposure to damp cold, it causes a stuffy nose and the presence of mucus in the throat.
  • Fever : This is an excellent remedy for fever which has arisen from exposure to damp cold.
  • Asthma and Tracheobronchitis : Effective for asthma or tracheobronchitis after exposure to damp and cold.
  • Diarrhea : Used during diarrhea particularly occurring during a humid coolness (usually in summer, after a rather hot period).
  • Muscle and tendon pain : Valuable when these pains occur in wet and cold weather, after excessive sweating or humidification.
  • Warts : Specifically for flat warts.
  • Skin Conditions : Used for chronic urticaria or other skin conditions where itching increases with cold damp.

Method of Administration of Dulcamara

This homeopathic medicine should be taken away from meals, tobacco, coffee or mint. The granules and the globule doses are to be left to melt under the tongue.

Depending on the pathologies observed, the recommended dilution varies from 7 to 15 CH and the treatment can extend up to 6 months.

Recommended dose:

  • For the treatment of nasopharyngitis, fever or asthma, Dulcamara 5 CH: 5 granules 4 times a day for one week.
  • To prevent ENT conditions, Dulcamara 9 CH: 5 granules every other day for six months.
  • For diarrhoea, Dulcamara 5 CH: 5 pellets after each bowel movement until improvement.
  • For muscle and tendon pain, Dulcamara 7 or 9 CH: 5 granules every three hours.
  • For the treatment of warts, Dulcamara 9 CH: 5 granules per day for three months.
  • For itchy skin conditions, Dulcamara 9 or 15 CH: 5 granules morning and evening for two months.

Homeopathic medicines in granules DULCAMARA 5 CH, 9CH and 15CH can be used in various symptoms ( nasopharyngitis, colds, diarrhea, itching, joint pain, wart) , it is therefore not possible to determine the indications and the dose of a specific preparation.

The homeopathic physician chooses the appropriate medicine, the appropriate dilution and dosage for the patient's state of health and characteristic symptoms.

Advice from your pharmacist

If you suffer from conditions (muscular, respiratory, intestinal, dermatological) following exposure to damp cold or after sweating or getting wet, Dulcamara is an interesting choice for treatment.

Dosages of Dulcamara in case of ENT disorders

To treat nasopharyngitis, asthma and fever caused by humidity or cold, 5 granules of Dulcamara 5 CH, 4 times a day for a week, are necessary. For prevention, take 5 granules of Dulcamara 9 CH every other day for 6 months.

Recommended dosages for gastro-enteric diseases

To treat diarrhea caused by a cold snap, 5 granules of Dulcamara 5 CH are to be taken after each bowel movement. The doses can be renewed as long as the patient's condition does not improve.

Dulcamara, dosages in rheumatology

In rheumatology, pain can be treated with 5 granules of Dulcamara 7 or 9 CH. This dose should be repeated every 3 hours. Space out the catches, dice reduction of joint pain .

Dosages of Dulcamara in dermatological

In dermatology, especially in case of itching, it is necessary to administer 5 granules of Dulcamara 9 or 15 CH in the morning and in the evening, until the symptoms disappear.

To treat warts, the recommended dose is 5 granules of Dulcamara 9 CH per day for 3 months on an empty stomach.

This medication and health advice space in no way replaces the diagnosis and advice of a doctor or pharmacist. Updated information is strictly indicative. Under no circumstances should this information be used for diagnostic purposes. We cannot be held responsible for a misinterpretation of its content or for the state of health of the reader, whether prior or subsequent to the consultation of these advice sheets.

Advice for use and instructions for use

Remove the tab, invert the tube of DULCAMARA and gently pull the cap.
Turn the tube to drop the desired number of granules into the cap and then place the granules under the tongue.

It is advisable not to touch the homeopathic granules with your fingers.

The globules in the dose tubes are absorbed all at once by letting them dissolve slowly under the tongue. For lack of dose, take 10 granules of the same dilution.
Do not take astringent substances within half an hour before taking homeopathic medicines such as coffee, tobacco, camphor, mint and chamomile.

Use toothpaste without mint (such as Homéodent Boiron, toothpaste compatible with taking homeopathic granules).

Packaging and content

DULCAMARA 4CH, 5CH, 7CH, 9CH, 15CH, 30CH translucent granule tube (allows you to view the remaining granules). Weight 4g. About 80 pellets.

Precaution of use


Contains sucrose and lactose. Keep homeopathic medicines DULCAMARA 9CH, 15CH away from light, heat, humidity and any source of emanation and perfumes.

Give homeopathic pellets to babies and children

For DULCAMARA 9CH, 15CH granules dissolve them in 100ml of water. The granules being very long to dissolve, it is necessary to prepare your mixture in advance.

Homeopathy and pregnancy

Homeopathic medicines have no chemical toxicity, contraindications, interactions with other medicines, or adverse effects related to the quantity of product ingested. Pregnant women can be treated without known risk for them and their future child. , but it is better to seek advice.

What to do if there is no improvement within 24 hours

Some pathologies cannot be treated in homeopathy by simple self-medication. Their seriousness requires medical advice that can be issued by a homeopathic doctor. This doctor will judge whether your condition can be cured by homeopathy alone or whether your treatment must be supplemented by allopathy.

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