Santaherba Lehning Asthma Homeopathy 30ML



Lehning Lehning

Santaherba Lehning is a homeopathic medicine traditionally used in acute benign bronchial conditions and as an adjunct to the treatment of asthma. On sale in approved pharmacy online.

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Santaherba Asthma Homeopathic complex Lehning 30ML

Facilitates breathing Santaherba Oral solution drops

Indications of Santaherba Lehning 30ML

Homeopathic medicine traditionally used during acute benign bronchial affections.

Asthma can significantly reduce a person's physical and mental abilities. It mainly affects children under five and adults in their forties. More and more people are suffering from this airway disease, which is quite difficult to diagnose. Indeed, only a few symptoms may suggest asthma. This is the case with chronic cough, shortness of breath and difficulty breathing. With regard to the treatment of this disease, homeopaths have developed several remedies to relieve the patient - including Nux Vomica, Drosera and Kalium Carbonicum - and heal completely - including Lung Histamine.

Composition of Santaherba Homeopathy Lehning

Yerba santa 3 DH
Ipeca 4 DH
Lobelia inflated 3 DH
Adrenalinum 6 DH
Belladonna 4 DH
Stramonium 4 DH
Solidago virga aurea 3 DH
Ephedra vulgaris 4 DH
Galeopsis ochroleuca TM
Sambucus nigra TM
Crataegus oxycantha TM
Excipient with known effect: ethanol (alcohol).

How to take the drug Santaherba Lehning?

  • Dosage for Adults : take 30 drops of Santaherba, 3 times a day. Without medical advice, this treatment should not exceed one week.
  • Children from 6 years to 12 years : 10 drops, 3 times a day, respecting an interval of at least 4 hours between 2 taken. This homeopathic medicine should not be taken before 6 years.

Without medical advice, this treatment should not be continued beyond 5 days.

To be taken in a little water, preferably outside meals.
Oral way

Presentation of Santaherba Homeopathic Complex Lehning 30ML

Bottle of 30 ml.

Authorized Drug No. D. TR. 0692 / CIP 3400930942895

If symptoms of asthma or bronchial or pulmonary conditions persist, consult your doctor.
Consult your pharmacist. Read the instructions carefully.

In case of flu symptoms (fever over 38 ° C, body aches, fatigue associated with respiratory signs such as coughing), the flu may be suspected. Call your doctor.

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