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Light Legs and Herbal Medicine: find our new range of phytotherapeutic products to effectively treat your leg problems in a natural way

Tingling , cramping , feeling of heavy and painful legs , swelling , vascosities .... are indicative of poor circulation back. Circulatory disorders, often hereditary, sometimes have their origins in a poor lifestyle: unbalanced diet, excess weight, insufficient physical exercise ... are aggravating factors of circulatory discomfort. The veins lose their tone and do not facilitate the return of blood to the heart. The blood stagnates in the lower legs, the veins thicken and become fragile.
The herbal supplements act in depth, lasting and without attacking the body , nor cause side effects. Some plants have properties called veinotonic: they stimulate the muscles of the vessel wall and thus increase the venous tone .
Farewell heavy legs , swollen and painful ankles ! Plants contain a host of active ingredients that stimulate blood circulation and relieve venous insufficiency . It's up to you to choose the one you prefer!

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