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There are several types of clays, which are generally classified by their color (red, yellow, white, purple, green, etc.). Whatever its nature, clay contains alumina and at least 50% silica. In the health field, mainly green clays (illite or smectite) and white clays (kaolin) are used.

How does therapy by application or oral intake of clay work?

Clays are particularly interesting for their absorption and adsorption properties. They absorb liquids such as water, filling up a bit like a sponge.

Clays also have the capacity to adsorb, that is to say to fix molecules on their surface. Indeed, they are negatively charged, due to the presence of minerals. Thus, the more the clay is concentrated in mineral salts, the more it will be negatively charged. Beyond its cosmetic properties, clay helps joint and gastrointestinal comfort, heals wounds and facilitates drainage.

Clay is a natural volcanic earth used for healing purposes, it is a natural source of minerals and trace elements (especially silica, aluminum silicates, magnesium, calcium, iron, phosphorus, sodium, potassium, copper , zinc, selenium, cobalt, manganese ...) which it contains in variable proportions. Clay designates a wide variety of clay rocks, which can be of different colors (green, red, blue, yellow, gray, white, brown, pink ...) Its color varies depending on the iron oxides (limonite) that 'it contains.

  • Green or blue, illite is very absorbent. It is used to decongest and sanitize, and works wonders as a poultice against joint and muscle pain.
  • Yellow, green, blue, red or pink, montmorillonite is very adsorbent. It gently extracts impurities. It is the basic ingredient of beauty masks.
  • White, kaolinite, or kaolin, is less active than the others. It is used alone in softening and lightening treatments, or combined with montmorillonite in mattifying and absorbing treatments.

White clay is softer than green. White clay has a softening effect on the skin and green clay is more suitable for excessively oily skin.

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Purifying, antiseptic and 100% natural, this miraculous earth plays with colors and does us good both outside and inside.
Rich in silica and minerals , clay is the natural medicine to always have at home. It purifies, disinfects, and relieves certain pains.
That's not all, it allows you to perform countless body, face and hair treatments , and all that naturally !

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