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Cattier White Clay Surfine Kaolin 200 g Thanks to its neutral pH, it is particularly well suited to the care of dry and fragile skin

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What is Cattier White Clay Surfine Kaolin 200 g used for?

White clay Cattier surfine is used as a beauty mask or poultice for its benefits on the skin and the body. It can also be added to bath water to soften the skin . It can be used alone or combined with essential oils.

Blanche Cattier clay, thanks to its neutral pH, is particularly well suited to the care of dry and fragile skin . Non-allergenic, it is also suitable for the sensitive skin of babies and can be used as talc. It is also antiseptic and healing, which makes it valuable for the care of irritated skin .

Absorbent, decongestant, regenerating and soothing, it eliminates toxins and impurities, revitalizes and soothes while promoting healthy cell reconstitution. Thanks to its richness in micro-nutrients, Cattier white clay provides the skin and the body with minerals and trace elements.

How to use Surfine White Clay properly?

Preparation of White Clay Paste : Pour the desired amount of White Clay into a glass or wooden container. Cover with spring water without adding too much and let stand without touching it for about half an hour then stir with a non-metallic spatula to obtain a smooth paste.

Application as a beauty mask: Apply the clay paste in a thick layer on the neck and face, avoiding the eye and lip contour. Leave on for about 10 minutes without letting the mask dry on the skin. Rinse with lukewarm water, dry the skin with a cotton towel and complete the treatment by applying a moisturizer.

Application in poultices: Place the clay paste on a natural textile. Distribute the Clay with a wooden spatula over a thickness of 2 or 3 centimeters. Apply the poultice leaving the Clay in direct contact with the skin and hold it (without tightening too tightly) with a bandage.
If the poultice must be applied to an irritated area, insert a light gauze between the clay and the skin.
To remove it, remove a maximum of Clay, if necessary by moistening it, then rinse the skin with lukewarm water and pat dry.

Preparation of the clay milk : Pour one to two teaspoons of Cattier white surfine clay into a glass and add spring water. Mix with a non-metallic spatula.

Comment on the recommendations for use and dosage of Cattier Argile Blanche Surfine Kaolin 200 g with our partner Avis checked after your purchase.

What is the composition of this Cattier treatment?

The biomedical White clay selected by Cattier was chosen for its incomparable quality. Superior Clay Cattier is a kaolinite whose powers the sun has exalted.

It is transformed by mechanical (crushing, grinding) and thermal (drying in the sun or in an oven, autoclave, etc.) processes. It does not undergo any chemical treatment and a rigorous control is made on each batch of clay (color, aspect, grain size, microbial etc.).

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Cattier White Clay Surfine Kaolin is available in your online pharmacy in a box of 200 g.

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