IVY LAND CUP IPHYM Herbalism Glechoma hederacea

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Ground ivy Pack 250 g

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Used for : toux grasse, sinusite

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Ground ivy Pack 250 g

Botanical description

Ground ivy is a perennial with creeping stems on which form here and there rootlets. The leaves, opposite, long-stalked, heart-shaped, are embossed, well embattled and hairy underneath. The flowers, of a beautiful green-violet, visible from May to September, are born in the upper leaf axils. The fruit, divided into 4 equal parts, is ovoid, brown and smooth.

IVY LAND CUP IPHYM Herbalism Glechoma hederacea

Latin name: Glechoma hederacea

Family: Labiatae

Common names: Herb St. John, Crown land, Terrette, Rondette, DRIENNE

Parts used: Whole plant

Origin: Europe

Ground Ivy Properties

Ground ivy has mucolytic properties, expectorant and
anti-inflammatory. It inhibits the production of pro-inflammatory cytokines and inflammation mediated by macrophages. It is also antimicrobial.
The octadecadienoic acid is hydroxylated activator of adenylate cyclase and platelet inhibitor of cell migration. It is a vulnerary. Marrubiin is the serotonin antagonist

Ground ivy Indications and Uses

Ground ivy is used in the following therapeutic indications:

- Cough

- Whooping cough

- Sinusitis

Botanical description of the ground ivy

- Small very common herb in moist and shady places
- Creeping stems, flowering branches drawn from 5 to 30 cm, quadrangular, dark green or reddish leaves, heart-shaped, embossed, crenellated
- Blue violet purple Fragrant flowers punctuated by unilateral glomeruli
- Non-Mediterranean Europe


Active ingredients: Marubiine, flavonoids, sesquiterpenes, phenolic acids, hydroxy octadecadienoic acid, alkaloids

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