COLTSFOOT FLOWER IPHYM Herbalism Tussilago farfara L.

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Coltsfoot - Whole flowers Pack 250 g

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Used for : toux, asthme, affections respiratoires

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Coltsfoot - Whole flowers Pack 250 g

COLTSFOOT FLOWER IPHYM Herbalism Tussilago farfara L.

Latin name: Tussilago farfara L.

Family: Asteraceae

Common names: No donkey, coltsfoot

Used parts: Flower

Origin: Europe, Asia


The coltsfoot flower has antitussive properties: tussilagone is stimulating breathing, increases ventilation and raises blood pressure. There is a PAF-inhibiting acether, mediator of inflammatory phenomena. It also é emollient and soothing the respiratory tract, as well as to ntispasmodique and udorifique s.

Indications and uses COLTSFOOT FLOWER

Coltsfoot flower is used in the following therapeutic indications:

- Cough, asthma, bronchitis, respiratory diseases

- Tracheitis, chronic pulmonary disease

- To fight against cough in general (including that of smoking), and to encourage bronchial expectoration.

- Inflammation of the throat in general: pharyngitis, laryngitis, hoarseness, voice extinction

- Broncho-pulmonary ailments

Cons-indications with COLTSFOOT FLOWER

- One cup contains about 1 ppm of alkaloids that are hepatotoxic, so no regular use.


Its name comes from "tussis" coughing, "ago (agere)" hunt.
The common name of "no ass" comes from the shape of the leaf blade.
Drugs Eastern and North American origin contain more toxic senecionine. Dioscorides recommended smoking.


- Brew-infusion: Drink 3-5 cups distributed between sunrise and sunset, to sweeten preferably with honey.

- Infusion: Drink 3 to 5 cups spread between sunrise and sunset, always preferably sweeten with honey.

Botanical description COLTSFOOT FLOWER

Coltsfoot is a small perennial plant from 8 to 30 cm high, with creeping fleshy roots and erect stems flowering fluffy long 10 to 20 cm covered with scaly red-tinged bracts.
The wide thick leaves long-stalked rosette, sinuous and jagged edge and polygonal indented at the base (recalling the hoof of an ass, hence one of its common names) are bright green on top and white cottony below.
The golden yellow flowers (which resemble those of dandelion) are solitary flower heads (one per stem) with the center tubular male flowers and female flowers around long narrow ligules.
The fruits are achenes brown silky tassel.


Active ingredients: alkaloids, mucilage, flavonoids, carotenoids, triterpenes, sesquiterpene esters

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