OLIVIER WHOLE LEAF IPHYM Herbalism Olea europaea L.

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Olivier - Full Sheet Pack 250 g

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Used for : hypertension artérielle, circulation veineuse

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Olivier - Full Sheet Pack 250 g

OLIVIER WHOLE LEAF IPHYM Herbalism Olea europaea L.

Latin name: Olea europaea L.

Family: Oleaceae

Common names: Boutaillon, Olivier Franc

Parts used: Leaf

Origin: mediterranean Region

Properties of the OLIVIER WHOLE LEAF

Olive leaves have hypotenseuve properties (modest share), but a study shows an identical effectiveness of 500 mg of standardized extract of olive leaves two times a day at the 12.5 to 25 mg of captopril twice per day, an average reduction of 5 to 13 mm Hg. it is a coronary dilator, it increases coronary flow, it is a heart protector combining antioxidant effects. Olive leaves are antiarrhythmic bradycardiac (oleanolic acid) by beta-adrenergic antagonist. It is noted inhibition of platelet aggregation. It is also a spasmolytic, an anti-oxidant, a cholesterol, triglyceride-lowering and anti-diabetic (especially oléastre variety).

Indications and uses of OLIVIER WHOLE LEAF

It uses olive leaf in the following therapeutic indications:

- High blood pressure by blocking beta-effect and moderate calcium-blocker

- Venous circulatory disorders

- Light Diabetes (oleuropein, hydroxytyrosol), reduction of diabetes-related complications (oleuropein)

Cons-indications with OLIVIER WHOLE LEAF

- Potential interactions with antidiabetic and antihypertensive drugs


Confirmed by usage:
- Antihypertensive (oral)
Infusion: 30 grams to a liter of water; boil 10 minutes on low heat; infuse an hour. Drink in the day, 5 days a week, three weeks a month for three months

Botanical description OLIVIER WHOLE LEAF

- Tree 6 10 m
- Crooked trunk and greyish bark cracked
- Leaf opposite, oval, persistent
- Flowers small, white
- Fruit: green ovoid drupe, blackish purple when ripe, with fusiform nucleus


Active ingredients: secoiridoids, triterpenes, flavonoids, phenols

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