WALNUT LEAF CUT IPHYM Herb Juglans L. regio

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Walnut - Pack Leaf 250g

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Used for : impetigo

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Walnut - Pack Leaf 250g

WALNUT LEAF CUT IPHYM Herb Juglans L. regio

Latin name: Juglans L. regio

Family: Juglandaceae

Common names: Calottier, Goguier, Noguier, Walnut royal, divine Gland, Gland Jupiter

Parts used: Leaf

Origin: Middle East


The walnut leaf has astringent and healing properties by gallic tannins and catechin. The leaves are slightly hypoglycemic.
Juglone is on antitumor ascetic tumor cytotoxic Ehrlich and some lung cancer cells. This is an antimicrobial and an anti-oxidant. The acid fraction is anti-tumor.

Indications and uses WALNUT CUT SHEET

Is used walnut leaf in the following therapeutic indications:

- External use: acne, eczema, impetigo, pyoderma, ulcer, hyperhidrosis

- Internal use: depurative, anthelmintic

- Adjuvant in dermatological diseases

- Venous insufficiency and hemorrhoids

Cons-indications with WALNUT CUT SHEET

- It is feared the tissue and cellular effects of juglone in the long term


Confirmed by the use and pharmacology:
- Astringent, antidiarrheal (leaf, orally)

Decoction 1.5 g per cup one to three times per day

Botanical description WALNUT CUT SHEET

- Grand cultivated tree
- Compound leaf imparipinnate, long petiole
- Flower greenish male in drooping catkins, females at the ends of branches

WALNUT pharmacology SHEET CUT

Active ingredients: tannins, naphthoquinones, flavonoids, phenolic acids, HE, ascorbic acid

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