SENE LEAFLET FULL (leaf) IPHYM Herb Cassia senna / Cassia angustifolia

Leaflet Senna (leaf) Package of 250 g View larger

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Leaflet Senna (leaf) Package of 250 g

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Used for : constipation occasionnelle

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Leaflet Senna (leaf) Package of 250 g

SENE LEAFLET WHOLE IPHYM Herb Cassia senna / Cassia angustifolia

Latin name: Cassia senna / Cassia angustifolia

Family: Fabaceae

Common Names: Alexandria Senna, Senna Khartoum

Parts used: Leaflet

Origin: Africa


The leaflet Senna has strong laxative properties and can cause colic. It is associated with aromatic plants and antispasmodic which exhaust gas and relaxes the intestinal muscles. Sennosides are dimers (obtained by drying and brewing 40 °) of hydroxyanthracéniques derivatives.

Indications and uses SENE FULL LEAFLET

We use the leaflet Senna in the following therapeutic indications:

- Occasional constipation

- Anal fissures (when to soften the stool)

Cons-indications with SENE FULL LEAFLET

- Not recommended for pregnant women

- For adults

- Not recommended for chronic constipation

- Do not use more than 10 days of treatment to not weaken the colon muscles


Leaflets and dry pods can be used (without seeds) infusion:
5 to 20 g per liter, a cup in the evening.
It is estimated effective daily dose to 25 mg per day calculated as sennosides.

Botanical description SENE FULL LEAFLET

C. angustifolia is from Sudan and the Horn of Africa.
These are small shrubs (less than a meter) zygomorphic yellow flowers and leaves paripinnate, the fruit is a flattened and leathery pod, opening spontaneously and containing 6-8 brownish seeds.
Senna and numerous preparations containing it are used as a laxative.


Active ingredients: dianthroniques glycosides, mucilage, flavonoids, glycosides naphthalene

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