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With the onset of winter and the cold, a whole series of so-called “winter” pathologies occurs: tonsillitis, bronchitis, flu, colds, sore throats and other joys of the winter season.

Commonly used to prevent repeated infections such as rhinoviruses or other ENT disorders, the role of a so-called immunostimulating substance is to stimulate the body's immune defenses, in order to enable it to fight infections.

Strengthening your immune system means acting on your lifestyle (changing your diet, preserving your sleep, practicing physical activity, etc.).

We can also use certain natural products :

Immunity refers to the body's ability to defend itself against substances that threaten its proper functioning or survival. These threats can be viruses, bacteria, fungi or parasites, cells that have become cancerous, or a foreign body such as a splinter for example.

In this context, the cold seasons which coincide with a stronger circulation of viruses are generally unwelcome by the body. If immunity is at half mast as winter approaches, it is not without reason. In some people, the production of serotonin decreases between fall and winter, and causes the onset of depressive syndrome, fatigue and stress. However, this hormone is secreted not only by neurons, but also by cells of the immune system, and more than 95% of serotonin is not produced by the brain but by the intestine.

It is therefore not uncommon to have sugar cravings, especially at the end of the day and in the evening, when the days are getting shorter and the light is reduced. The body tries to compensate for the decrease in serotonin in the brain. So boosting your serotonin production is fighting stress, and therefore boosting your immune system!

Some people due to their age, a chronic pathology or genetic factors have a deficient immune system which does not respond effectively to various external attacks.

Since the dawn of time, all of our biological programming has focused on 2 well-defined activities :

  • The reproduction
  • The survival

A complex set involving many organs (called lymphoid organs) distributed throughout the body, our immune system constantly protects us against many threats. A little failure, and the disease kicks in.

Today, we know better how to help the body protect itself during the cold season. Immunity and nutrition specialists are working to develop effective strategies.

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